Airwheel E6 Smart Folding E Bike Forecasts Future Commuting Trend

Though intelligent electric scooters have been popular among young people, there are still some barriers which hinder its development.

Science and technology keeps advancing, and as a result the transport tools have been chased after by the young generation. In several years’ development, the intelligent scooter market has grown and expanded hugely. However, traditional electric scooters have limitations. They rely merely on riders’ body movement to control and may result in fatigue. The vehicle can only be applied to short-distance commuting. The invention of Airwheel E6 smart e bike has overturned the old model of traditional vehicles.

Featured by slim X shaped body, quick fold system, Airwheel E6 foldable e bike is an embodiment of future transport vehicle. It has successfully blazed a trail for intelligent vehicles to enter the mainstream transportation market. They have become the optimal choices for urban dwellers to get around.

Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike is equipped with a rubber saddle, in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation, so that riders can enjoy a more comfortable riding experience. Traditional intelligent e scooters require riders to stand and operate. The single riding attitude will definitely cause fatigue and it cannot meet the long-distance commuting needs for urban dwellers. The essence of electric vehicles is to save labor for riders. If a vehicle fails to meet this purpose, it may not be rated as a qualified one.

The saddle alone cannot be the only feature accountable for its popularity. The electronic braking system is also a highlight for the vehicle. It eases customers’ concern over self-balancing scooters’ safety performance. Airwheel E6 Smart Electric Bike does not merely require body movement to brake. When riders press the braking button, the vehicle will stop within short distance and time.

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There are also many new elements added to the design of E6. Airwheel collects the global leading industrial designers’ creative ideas, and obeys users’ thinking habit and operating method. E6 adopts an operating pattern similar to that of automobile steering wheel. A damping device is mounted to enhance the stability and steadiness of riding. Airwheel E6 e bike guides people to enjoy the future trend of comfortable commuting.

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Dec 03, 2016