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The Alexander Technique is a method that helps individuals become better versions of themselves.

Alexander Principle ( aims to help individuals develop proper postural and movement habits through their Alexander Technique lessons. Such lessons are best for those individuals who want to improve their overall health and wellness.

The Alexander Technique is a method that helps individuals become better versions of themselves. Through the Alexander Technique lessons offered at Alexander Principle, students will be able to identify their poor habits and learn how to improve their balance, poise, and posture. This allows them to move with more ease, grace, and efficiency.

To be able to learn this particular technique, students should take up lessons with a professional and experienced Alexander Technique teacher. Susanna Scouller from Alexander Principle is a great example of a qualified teacher who can help students learn the Alexander Technique the best way possible.

If before, the Alexander Technique are mostly used by actors and speakers, it has now also been proven to benefit numerous individuals. This is because such technique can also be useful in overcoming body pains, increasing energy and confidence, and decreasing anxiety and stress. This is the reason why Alexander Principle encourages everyone to take advantage of the lessons they offer. According to this training provider, “Lessons in the Alexander Technique will help you to increase your awareness of postural and movement habits, and to re-tune the machine that is you, thereby preventing common problems like anxiety or back pain”.

To all interested parties, the lessons available at Alexander Principle usually last for about 45 minutes. During these lessons, students will become aware of the harmful habits that they should not be doing such as tightening muscles and collapsing at joints. Knowing these things will help them prevent doing things that can negatively affect the way they perform various tasks.

Furthermore, Alexander Principle reminds all students that they will remain fully clothed during the lessons but their shoes must be removed. Also, trousers that are not tight fitting would be preferable to wear during the classes.

Alexander Principle stands by its mission to provide their clients with all the knowledge and skills they need to achieve a better posture and live a more stress-free life. To learn more about Alexander Principle and the lessons they offer, visit their website at

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Alexander Principle is committed to helping individuals identify and change their harmful habits by educating them about the Alexander Technique. This training provider offers lessons where students will learn how to improve their posture, allowing them to move freely with more grace and efficiency. If you are interested in taking up such lessons at Alexander Principle, kindly visit their website at For your enquiries, you can send an email via or call 020 7821 0007 for faster response.

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May 09, 2017