Avoiding The Heartache Of Disappointment With Memorials

UK Memorial Service present an assured, trusted and affordable service to communities across the nation.

Recently there has been a disturbing increase in the number of heartbreaking stories concerning memorials. All too many people have suffered, through either neglect or unscrupulous malice, at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable due to experiencing bereavement. With many of the incidents leading to people not being able to put in place the memorials for their lost loved ones that they wished to, the importance of using only trusted, reputable memorial service providers has been underlined. With a proud record of impeccable service spanning over the course of five decades, UK Memorial Service offer the most assured services to the nation.

Several stories of late have been truly distressing to read and learn of. In one case a widow was unable to place a headstone at her husband's grave due to the masons who made it not being accredited, with no credentials such as BRAAM registration in place. Other cases have seen families being instructed to remove headstones and memorials due to the poor materials used in their construction causing dangerous deterioration. In some disturbing cases, dishonest businesses have simply not created the memorial which they were commissioned to deliver.

It is of exceptional importance to avoid being involved in problems such as these when you experience the loss of a family member or other loved one. Avoiding issues, and ensuring that not exorbitant fees are charged, are what people are assured of with the compassionate, professional services presented by UK Memorial Service. The company has become the most assured choice for memorial services across the nation due to the dedication shown towards delivering superior work at affordable costing levels.

Perhaps the single most important factor of a memorial - be it a headstone, a kerb set or another form of means of remembrance - is that it is constructed in a way designed to be enduring. A memorial is supposed to stand for many, many years, and be of a quality that does not deteriorate over the decades. UK Memorial Service, in using only the finest grades of marble and granite available, ensure that those who use their services are only presented with crafted work designed to stand perfectly for many years.

Ensuring that permission is secured to install or place a memorial is just as important. Burial sites require the assurance of safe and high quality work being created prior to allowing for headstones or kerb sets to be installed. They draw this assurance from the memorials being created by people who have accreditation with governing bodies such as BRAAM and NAMM. UK Memorial Service are proud and honoured to be a senior registrant of both bodies, and further have exceptionally good working relations with many of the graveyards and burials sites across the nation. Permission to place a memorial is always established by UK Memorial Service prior to work being carried out.

Memorials are an important tribute to a loved life lost, and they serve to help those left behind come to terms with their bereavement. It is then essential that only trusted and recognized organizations are called upon to create them. UK Memorial Service are proud to serve the many communities across the nation with their highly regarded and unconditionally trusted skills and services.


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Feb 05, 2015