Brite Touch Cleaning-House Cleaning Tips for a Natural Looking Home

Brite Touch Cleaning - a top rated house cleaning company that discusses house cleaning tips to keep homes smelling fresh naturally in Suwanee GA.

Brite Touch Cleaning, the premier house cleaning company, has happily opened its doors to Suwanee GA residents for their house cleaning services. Their experienced and highly skillful cleaners rely on for cleaning homes with extreme care and personalized attention to detail. They pride themselves on providing house cleaning and maid service in Suwanee GA to be the best suit in client’s unique requirements and preferences. That is why the house cleaning specialist discusses a few useful tips to keep the home smelling fresh naturally.

Tip -1
Homeowners can prepare a cleaning solution to freshen up the air at home any time of a year. To make a cleaning solution, all they need is to heat a saucepan with water, sliced lemon and their favorite herbs at low temperature.
Tip - 2
They can add a small amount of vanilla extract on the light bulbs of table lamps when lights are off. Whenever the lights are turned on, the bulb will heat up and emit a unique fragrance.

Tip - 3
While disposing of garbage, it might give off a strong odor. So, homeowners can just use some lemon, lime or orange peels to get rid of the smell right away.

Tip - 4
Nowadays most homeowners use high-efficiency washing machines. But the washers give off the damp clothes odor most of the time. So, it’s suggested to keep the washing machine door open when it’s not in use and add some vinegar to the drum. By letting the vinegar sit for twenty minutes, start the washing machine through a steam cycle for 10 minutes.

“You can consider the above discussed useful tips to keep your house naturally fresh all the time. Otherwise, you can contact us to provide professional maid service in Suwanee GA for your house cleaning needs. We have the industry's best, experienced and knowledgeable house cleaners. We strive to provide the most efficient and finest solutions to meet all types of house cleaning needs for our clients with confidence. We proudly handle a broad range of cleaning needs like one-time cleaning services, recurring cleaning services, move in and out services and emergency cleaning. Our highly-skilled technicians use their best abilities and efforts to get rid of stains, leaving homes immaculately neat and clean every time our clients hire us. We are offering customers the convenience of family-safe clean ambiance. Our house cleaners take pride in competitive pricing and transparent services with timely arrivals and friendly communication without hidden fees. If you want to consider all these tips or need immediate help with your house cleaning in Suwanee GA, please feel free to schedule your appointment today with Brite Touch Cleaning”, says one of the spokespersons of Brite Touch Cleaning.
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Brite Touch Cleaning is a dedicated and responsible cleaning company. They serve clients with house cleaning needs in the Suwanee, GA area. Though inviting someone into your home is a problem, the cleaning firm offers carefully screened, and background checked cleaning experts, appointed through a rigorous process to care for your home. Rest assured that the Brite Touch Cleaning staffs are experienced and dedicated. They are English speaking; in-person interviewed and highly rated cleaners by other satisfied customers. If you need maid service in Suwanee GA immediately, please visit and schedule an appointment right away!

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Aug 03, 2017