BubbleBall Retails Bubble Soccer Suits and Kits to Organizations and Individuals across US

BubbleBall Inc., a US-born company is currently leading the market among others in selling bubble soccer kits (aka bubbleballs) to businesses, organizations and individuals.

United States, 15thMar, 2017: The bubbleball game is turning heads and writing columns, and all that happened in a matter of 2 short years. The game is now a vital entertainment sport all around the world. Played by individuals with friends and strangers, the game is also a corporate sport now. BubbleBall has brought the sport a few steps closer to the people by bringing a variety of personal and professional entertainment bubble soccer kits. Available for purchase for individuals and organizations, the company has put together bubble soccer packages for sundry buyers.

For now, the product has been readied in two prime packages, one for organizations and another for rental businesses. The organization package contains a complete collection of sport equipment. The package is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, churches, governmental offices, camps, schools, colleges and such. As for the rental business package, it is inclusive of everything from the blowers to the goal posts. The company welcomes its buyers to join the Bubbleball Business Association to find avenues of expansion. Through this initiative, the company supports rental operations of companies in and around the country.

The third and last available package is a repair kit which comes with a user manual. The repair kit carries peel and stick patches, ziplock foil pouches, alcohol pads, sealants and applicators. The repair kit is a must purchase for all who owns a bubble soccer  suit, more commonly referred to as a bubbleball.BubbleBall packages can also be ordered online. For smaller parties, the company offers a 2-pack which has 2 soccer bubbles of any size of buyers’ choosing. Though pumps and other accessories are not included in this package, they can be obtained separately from the BubbleBall store.


BubbleBall has partners all across the United States and parts of Canada. To play without purchasing, users need to find a park location near their address and make a booking for the concerned number of participants in advance. BubbleBall is present in over 45 different locations all across US and two provinces in Canada. Booking can be done anytime by sharing one’s current location.


The products are all reasonably priced to suit buyers with different pocket sizes.

For more information on BubbleBall packages and solutions, please visit:http://bubbleball.us/bubble-soccer/

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Bubbleball Inc. is the leading U.S. distributor of inflatable bubbleballs and associated products. Determined to bring the joy and safety of bubbleball to the entire country, the company elevated a new industry with its U.S. launch in 2014.Buy a bubble soccer suit or contact us, the best bubble soccer supplier http://bubbleball.us/bubble-soccer/ .


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Bubble soccer more commonly called bubbleball. Bubble soccer is played on a grass field or indoor gym of usual dimensions, with a referee and two goals. Visit bubbleball.us

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Mar 15, 2017