Call a Personal Injury Lawyer about Nursing Home Negligence in Coral Gables

A nursing home should be a safe place to leave your loved ones when you can’t care for them.

A nursing home should be a safe place to leave your loved ones when you can’t care for them. Every year, many people shop for a good nursing home for themselves or loved ones due to scheduling and other conflicts. A personal injury lawyer in Coral Gables might see hundreds of cases of nursing home abuse and neglect every year.

Some facilities hold themselves to the highest standards. They take steps to prevent injuries whenever possible and provide better care. Others are understaffed and set up to minimize costs while bringing in greater profits. Most nursing homes fall somewhere in between.

Even with a well-trained staff and the right precautions, things can go wrong. The elderly can be at a higher risk of physical and other injuries. Sometimes, in-house pharmacists and others get tired. So they might forget to write something in the chart or dispense the wrong medications. Ideally, your nursing home has safeguards along the way to catch even small mistakes. When something goes wrong, you want experienced professionals on your side.

Trust a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami with Nursing Home Abuse

What constitutes abuse in a nursing home? When do personal injury lawyers in Miami get involved in your case? We often think of physical abuse like a nursing home attendant hitting a patient or dragging them out of a wheelchair.

Many times, abuse is not as obvious. It can include a nursing home employee who berates a client causing emotional distress. The elderly are also vulnerable to financial abuse. People in their lives might steal their things or ask them for “loans.” Over time, an elderly patient could lose thousands of dollars.

In some areas, family members install cameras in rooms to keep an eye on things. They want to protect their loved ones. Nursing home staff and administrators should address any abuse allegations quickly.

Let Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami Handle Neglect

Neglect can take many forms in a nursing home. It could include things like failing to properly staff the facilities. This could lead to more prescription errors or patients who aren’t turned to prevent bedsores. It could also lead to infections because of equipment that hasn’t been properly sanitized. A personal injury attorney in Miami can handle all this.

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