Camelot Kids: Top Rated and Best Preschool in Los Angeles

Camelot Kids Child Development Center is one of the top rated preschool that offers interactive educational practices for kids in a safe and friendly environment.

Do you know that about 70 percent of the brain is developed by age one and 90 percent is developed by age three? In these early years the genes can interact with experience and provides a strong foundation for all future learning and behavior. It is found that preschool aged children have the ability to learn more and faster. Every parent should understand that the early years of their kids are important for shaping the long term health, success and future.

Enrolling in a best Los Angeles preschool- Camelot Kids , your child will get a great opportunity for growth. In their friendly, fun filled and educational environment, your kid will learn to share, follow instruction and gain a good foundation for learning. As one of the top rated preschools in Los Angeles, they provide a structural learning environment that balances fun and learning. This ensures development of child’s social and emotional skills.

Their well-qualified caregivers and educators are efficient in delivering high quality early learning programs. With Camelot Kids, as a parent you will have peace of mind by knowing that your child is safe in a supportive learning environment. Their early learning programs are developed for the young ones whose brains develop important connections during the formative years.

Camelot Kids help your children to achieve school readiness goals by setting up and enhancing their skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for  success in school and life. It is a great thing that their high quality early learning is critical to sustaining our country’s future generations.

Few lines from Camelot Kids Child Development Center,” As a top rated preschool, we always strive to offer warm, inviting, fun filled, friendly and highly educational environment for parents, children and staff. Our preschool programs include Baby Blue Dragons (children 2-3 years of age), Baby Purple Dragons (children 2-3 years of age), Little Yellow Dragons (children 3-4 years of age), Little Green Dragons (children 3-4 years of age), Big Orange Dragons (children 4-5 years of age) and Big Red Dragons (children 4-5 years of age). Our interactive, educative and fun filled programs helps in bringing out the best of your child and assures quick development. With us, your child will enjoy incredible benefits of creative preschool experiences that will ensure an overall growth.”

About Camelot Kids:

Camelot Kids Child Development Center is one of the best and well renowned preschool and kindergarten palisade in Los Angeles. At this place, community members can trust that their children will be safely and intellectually guided to achieve best early education. They always strive to create an environment conducive to learning. This school has talented, caring and exceptional group of individuals.

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Camelot Kids Child Development Center “Dragon” program is dedicated to nurturing children as they learn and grow. We integrate the warmth of a nurturing environment with skills and confidence necessary to achieve academic and developmental readiness.

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Camelot Kids Preschool and Child Development Center

2880 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles
Phone : 323-662-2663
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Jun 30, 2016