Cavendish and Finch,hitting targets to getting one step closer to expanding into Australia

After the Brexit fiasco,Cavendish and Finch are one step closer to reaching the target of opening offices in Australia and New Zealand,next year after the success recently achieved in surpassing the targets set. In large part due to market stability.


Responds to the aftermath of Brexit with a rapid expansion plain into Asia.


The first and most important thing is to establish a presence.


The long term goal has always been to be positioned in the Pacific rim, due to language and geography.


By early twenty seventeen we expect to see the first office open in Australia with several following later in this year.


Hong Kong is one of the other areas that we wish to open up, as this gives is access to the mainland and the many trading partners in China.


As the economic axis shifts we would be fools to ignore the rise of the importance of Asia particularly the Pacific rim.


Britain’s departure from the European Union has already prompted some discussions with other countries, and it looks like this is the tipping point for the reshuffling of the deck.


The continued existence of the EU is by no means guaranteed, despite it’s relatively recent overhaul it has to keep apace with the changing market conditions.


This is a problem as politics can never match speed with economics.


Cavendish and Finch, readily accepts the challenge of the demise of Europe as a power house and looks forward to bridging new relationships and forming new alliances.


This is just the opening salvo as the company heads into the new year with a strategy in place to be a dominant player in Asia.

The boom in New Zealand's economy can not be ignored.

The New Zealand economy is worth more than $250billion for the first time in history  and Finance Minister Bill English is claiming most of the credit for one of the stronger economies in the developed world.

 New Zealand reported yesterday gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.9% in the three months to June 30, taking annual growth to 3.6.%.

Mr English said New Zealand’s growth rate was in the top three among developed economies.

The Australian economy closes in on the all-time record for uninterrupted growth, the result of house prices roaring higher.

This is further reason to be positioned in two market places that can both offer growth over the next few years,both of which are removed from the inevitable decline that Europe will suffer after the reshuffle that Brexit will have.

Cavendish and Finch are cementing relationships,regulations will be changing as everyone rushes to take London's position as a financial hub.

The road map for the exit from Europe will include other countries,however this will not be a quick stop.

It will take years to unravel both legally and financially,everbody knows prevention is better than the cure,hence the move into the Commonwealth.




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Oct 04, 2016