ChosenLawyers has Stepped up its help to Americans, who wish to emigrate to Canada

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Chosen Lawyers is a multilingual communication platform developed to bridge the gap between the end clients and some of the most Competent & Compassionate Attorneys out there. Recently, Chosen Lawyers has begun offering help to those Americans seeking immigration related help after the arrival of the Trump administration.

Most thoughtful and reasonable Americans would agree that Donald Trump has been exhibiting irrational, unreasonable and unlawful behaviors when it comes to immigration laws of the USA. These myopic actions have created social turmoil of unprecedented proportions. So much so that millions of people who initially voted for Trump, no longer can stomach his dictatorial decrees.

After all, human compassion and hope of better life were the reasons that millions of Europeans fled the wrath of Dictatorial and Cruel Monarchies of Europe. They endured months of physical pain and emotional anxieties aboard dilapidated ships; at the mercy of tumultuous Atlantic Ocean, in the hope of making America their safe haven!

Today most of immigrants and refugees longing for America are facing similar economic deprivation and devastating wars; created by the Multinational Mega Corporations, who find more profit$$$ in War and Destruction rather than peaceful co-existence; good faith and fair dealing.

This administration’s policies have created such a brazen and overt approach toward corporate control in all aspects of the People’s Lives, from Homes to Morgues and from Schools to Prisons that millions of Americans are now looking highly concerned about the security of their futures in this country. That’s the reason why just after the installment of Donald Trump as the president of the USA, the Canadian Immigration website received such an unprecedented traffic, which allegedly crashed its servers.

Today millions of Americans are highly interested in moving out of the country in pursuit of a safe, peaceful and more prosperous life in Canada. As People’s Communication Platform for Law and Justice, is seeking highly Competent, Diligent and Compassionate Canadian Immigration Lawyers to help those interested in calling Canada Home.

As a first generation Immigrant and Citizen of both United States and Canada, Paymon Barati-Darmian, who is the Founder of is deeply committed to helping people achieve their permanent immigrant status or temporary re-location objectives safely, promptly and properly.

Moreover, as a Lawyer he understands the complexities, anxieties and uncertainties associated with Immigration. Thus, he has made sure, each Chosen Lawyer has a Private, Secure and Confidential Communication Portal, which allows their prospective clients directly connect via, phone, text or Live Audio-Video Chat portals with their individual Chosen Lawyer anywhere, anytime.

Please note that Chosen Lawyers is an exclusive and comprehensive joint communication platform for carefully {Chosen} Attorneys in each jurisdiction and the people, who genuinely need their invaluable services. Thus, we conduct our thorough research to make sure that each Chosen Member has at least 5 years of experience in area of their practice; is in good standing with their jurisdictional bar association and has no criminal and/or disciplinary action against them.

Above all, the Chosen Lawyers must offer FREE initial CASE Evaluation and some Pro Bono Services to the Voiceless and the Defenseless. That is because, we believe, Justice for All, not only can become a reality, it is necessary that it does. After all, Peace and Freedom without Justice are Unattainable and Fleeting Mirages!

If you are planning to emigrate from or immigrate to the United States and Canada, but are confused by Trump Administration’s Controversial and Convoluted Policies, Please give Chosen Immigration Lawyers a call at: 1.888.365.0.365 or click on; we will do what we can to help you defoliate this jungle of medieval mindsets. Because, we believe Civilized Discourse requires more Contextual Understanding rather than Divisive WALLS!

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Jun 21, 2017