Conquer Odontophobia and Gain a Winning Smile

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Odontophobia or fear of the dentist is a very real fear that afflicts nearly 75% of adults in the United States. Though a percentage of odontophobics have at least the courage to face their fears and book an appointment with their family dentist, five to ten percent of these people have a fear of dentists and dentistry so strong that they generally avoid visiting the dentist going as far as to self-medicate. Whether the cause is a childhood trauma or a negative impression of dentists or any other reason, individuals with odontophobia should know that avoiding the dentists not only results to detrimental oral health but also a further aggravation of this fear. By continuously feeding it, this phobia will fester until the individual finds the fear impossible to face.


To conquer this fear, odontophobics should realize that they are not alone in their plight and that dentists no matter how intimidating they look, are not out to harm them. In fact, they are committed to providing their patients the best dental service with comfort at the forefront of their minds. As such, it’s best for odontophobics to go to trusted Tempe dental clinics with someone they are comfortable with.The best Tempe dentists are sure to assuage any fears that odontophobics might have by gently running them through the procedure and through positive reinforcement. Oral sedation is also an option that allows patients to be relaxed but alert during the procedure. These methods expose them to the idea that dental procedures are not as scary as they think and gradually allows them to replace the feeling of fear with something positive.


Tempe Family Dentistry is dental clinic that provides personalized and gentle dental care that odontophobics can visit. Conquering dental anxiety or phobia of dentists goes a long way in not only improving an individual’s disposition but also their overall health. Those suffering from odontophobia don’t have to stay the way they are. After all, a good oral health and gleaming smiles are compensation enough for conquering odontophobia.


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