Corban OneSource continues to expand with new office in California

Improvement, betterment – these are the two most frequently cited catch phrases in the modern service sector.

While in theory these terms are used quite frequently to ornament literature, promoting services (in real-life scenarios) are neither practiced nor implemented with the same frequency.

Corban OneSource has created its very own identity by going against the trend and used these factors as quintessential gateways to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. The work culture at Corban is highly inspired from the philosophy that growth and expansion is inevitable if newer milestones of improvement are achieved. A common statement from Corban OneSource CEO, Norman LeClair, is, “We have no choice but to get bigger as we get better at servicing our clients.” Corban OneSource has developed a strong client base in over 30 states across the United States. Simultaneously, they are recognized as one of the most reputable HROs (Human Resource Outsourcing) on the East Coast. Yet, there is no stopping for those who see the quest for growth not just as a necessity, but also as passion. Corban OneSource, thus, continues with its expansion spree by establishing a new Irvine, California office.

Corban OneSource caters human resource outsourcing solutions to an array of clientele, which consists of the following industries:

• Non-profit
• Manufacturing
• Hospitality
• Healthcare (including assisted living)
• Banking and financial related services
• Education
• All other business services based organizations 

However, the main boost for Corban’s growth comes from two specific sectors, and the organization is an undisputed specialist in solving even the most complicated of HRO situations associated with these industries:

• Energy sector (oil and gas)
• Private equity/venture capital sector

These two sectors provide Corban almost94% of the entire client retention they enjoy. Corban’s growth plan is primarily to compliment this immense support, so that stronger ties can be developed with existing clients and opportunities to venture newer areas of HRO solutions to be explored.

Corban OneSource’s expansion plan, by establishing a new California office, is due in 2nd quarter of 2015. Experts, working with the organization, are well aware about the industry trends alongside the global economic situation. It has been projected that the global economy will leave behind the rough patches of recessions we’ve seen in the previous years from 2008 and will experience a boom in 2015. Financial boom means more job prospects, more financial flow and pressure on the HRO market in arranging resources that would satisfy the day-to-day industry challenges. Through expansion, Corban OneSource aspires to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to their HR infrastructure. Corban, through its superior serviceability, handles risk management, streamlines efficiency of human resources for quicker deployment at the right field, and guarantees profit maximization. As a mid-scale HRO solution provider, Corban is specialized in handling companies with 100 to 10,000 employees.

If you are located in Irvine, California, Corban OneSource is headed your way in 2015. Wish to enjoy superior HRO solutions for your company? Contact Corban at their new office in the Atrium Building.
About Us: Corban OneSource is a US based company that focuses on helping customers with their human resources needs. The company offers a host of services from HR support to payroll, benefits, background screening, and personality testing. Corban OneSource uses systems that have been developed over decades combined with the latest technology to ensure they provide their customers with the best experience. The company has customers in more than 30 states throughout the United States and is considered the largest HRO company on the East Coast.

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Corban OneSource is a Mid-Market HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) company that specializes in working with companies across the US that have between 100 and 5,000 employees.

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Jan 05, 2015