Creating Home And Garden Memorials For Lost Loved Ones

UK Memorial Service meet the increased call for unique styled headstones and gravestones

Recently there has been an increase in the number of instances of burial grounds and churches declining to give permission for non-standard headstones and gravestones to be placed. Whilst the reasons for this are understandable, it does not mean that people do not still wish to commemorate those who have passed on with a memorial which is as unique as that person was. To accommodate this wish whilst respecting the point of view of those who are responsible for burial grounds, a greater number of people are electing to rather place the memorials of their choice in their own homes or gardens instead.

UK Memorial Service are renowned for holding good and strong relationships with the majority of burial grounds across the nation. This puts them in the position of being able to assist those who have a need to call on their services with the details of what shape, size and appearance of memorial would be permissible. From this, the designers and masons of the organization can assist in either ensuring a design for a headstone meets the criteria for a publicly accessible burial site, or can otherwise work to create a specific design idea that would be suitable to be placed as a garden memorial.

The founding principle of UK Memorial Service was that headstones, gravestones and other forms of memorials should be accessible to all in terms of affordability without any diminished quality. They further believe that the shape, design and style of a memorial should reflect the life it represents and shall stand as a tribute to. The company knows and appreciates that no one would wish to see the laying to rest of a friend, family member of loved one become a source of tension or conflict. By providing design ideas that meet the regulations of specific burial grounds, UK Memorial Service always work to avoid such a situation.

For instances where a wished for style of design or pattern cannot be compromised on or accommodated by burial grounds, it is often the case that creating it to stand as a home or garden memorials is a preferable option for those commissioning it. Placing a memorial within a home or garden often gives those who knew and loved the deceased greater comfort, allowing them to remember and cherish the life they had in private.

Whether a slate, marble or granite memorial would be most suitable, UK Memorial Service are the most trusted name in the nation for providing enduring work of distinction that reflects the importance of the life being commemorated. With home and garden memorials being more frequently chosen as the preferred means of commemoration, the company's dedication to producing bespoke, quality memorials ensures that all work they carried out meets and exceeds both the expectations and requirements of where the memorial is to be located.

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UK Memorial Service are the nation's trusted choice for headstones, gravestones, ledgers, kerb sets and memorials. They ensure distinguished, endurable memorials created from marble and granite are affordable to all.

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Mar 06, 2015