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Custom Stitchers are an accomplished company, proficient in manufacturing custom made dress shirts with very skilled workforce and premium quality fabric.



We proudly are an ethical business entity and try to provide as much facility to our customers as possible while staying in the International business standards. Our excellent workforce is our pride and upon them is all our reliance.

At Custom Stitchers, we offer to you the complete liberty of making your dress shirt according your disposition. You have the option of choosing your fabric, design and size. What else is left to be done on a dress-shirt. You can simply personalize your shirts for particularly yourself and build a completely new and unique shirt-wardrobe where everything is made by you; from collar of every shirt till monograms, buttons and the fabric.

To start designing your shirt, you will go to our website and simply choose a fabric that you want your dress shirt to be made in. We have a deluge variety of superior quality Italian and Egyptian cotton that you can easily select with the help of pictures of fabrics that show the thread composition and weaving pattern of the cloth very clearly. You can find a plethora of patterns and colors that will allow you to refine your choice according to your preferences.

After selecting the type and quantity of your fabric, you will step ahead on the designing part. In our website-integrated design module, you will pass through seven steps to select your shirt features. Firstly, the fit is to be decided that whether you want slim, regular or loose fit. There will be an animation of the shirt on the side which will show how the shirt would look like according to your selections. After choosing your fit, you will jump up to the second step where you will choose the type of collar from a choice of eleven styles. Moving to the third step, you will select the type of your sleeve like full long, half or medium, and then the cuff from a plethora of styles to complete your arms. The fourth step is about choosing your pocket’s position and its quantity. And you can get a round shaped or v-cut pocket on either sides or none or just one. Choose your shirt’s front style in the next step and the back style in the next following step that makes it the sixth step. In the last step of your designing, you will add monograms if you want to and then add special comments if you want something like colored buttons or washing mark or any other thing that was not in the design module.

You will have to add your measurements after designing and this is somewhere you really need to be precise and careful. The perfect fitting depends upon the measurements you provide do you need to be very careful while taking and giving us the dimensions.

Check how you shirt looks and if you think you do not like something, ypou can always go back and change it until you it becomes according to your will. We wish you have an excellent experience wit us!

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Custom Stitchers always take care of their customer styling requirements. We have eased the order processing of online dress shirts by integrating custom designing module along with website.

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Jun 17, 2016