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The bottom line is that insurance carriers must make a profit to continue to exist. The reality is that the law does not allow insurance carriers to make their profit by disputing or denying valid insurance claims by their policy holders.

One of the favorite pass times for many in Orlando and Central Florida is cycling. For some it is just a convenient way to get around while getting in a work out at the same time.

Cycling is a great stress buster, working those muscles and rolling along with the wind in your hair can be just what you need from a busy week at the office. Many cities have recognized this and go out of their way to construct bike lanes so people can enjoy the sport at leisure.

Individuals who are seasoned bicycle riders take to the road quite often and are well versed with the code of the road. The major problem on the road will more often than not be the automotive drivers and not the cyclist.

The number one worry for a cyclist is careless drivers who fail to indicate at a turn or are driving under the influence and failing to make the necessary allowance when overtaking or backing up. In the unfortunate event that an individual who is cycling gets hit by a vehicle in Florida there are several things that one should make sure to do.

If possible take the particulars of the car: The license plate number, model and color. It is also important to ask those around who are witnesses for their names and contacts in case you need their help down the line with the insurance claim.

In this day and age of phone cameras, it helps because you can snap pictures of your bike, the car plates, your injuries, and any other details that might prove helpful in an insurance claim including the date and time of the accident.

What one cannot afford to do is to let the driver get away without taking the particulars of the perpetrators car or accepting liability for the accident as the insurance company can use that against the cyclist. The best advice is to get the car details and let the lawyer handle the rest.>

A crucial point to have in mind is to make sure that you cooperate fully with law enforcement officers who arrive at the scene of the accident, narrating to them your side of the story on exactly what happened.

After getting some medical help and making sure one has been patched up, getting in touch with an Orlando insurance company (Orlando insurance attorneyis an important step as they can help in filing an insurance claim in Orlando for the same.

Cohen Law Group is all about justice and calling them for legal advice on such an issue is prudent. They have enormous experience in such cases and a proven track record making them arguably the best Florida bicycle accident attorneys. This is also a good move because unfortunately more often than not, the insurer may attempt to settle out of court meaning that they would be paying less for the claim than it is really worth.

Some of the type of cases handled by Cohen Law Group include but are not limited to;

Incidents where a cyclist is hit by an automobile

Incidents caused by dogs chasing and crushing a cyclist

Wrongful death incidents involving a cyclist

Assisting cyclists with insurance claims resulting from an accident

This law firm has helped cyclists rebuild their lives for years by recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars through insurance claims as a result of accidents.

If a cyclist has an issue involving an accident as described above in Florida, contact Cohen Law Group on Tel: 407 478 4878 for immediate and professional assistance.

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Due to the state of the economy, insurance claim disputes have become increasingly more common than even just a few years ago.

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