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Forgeway advises that they have high quality body panel adhesives available

Considered a leader in the field of bonding and adhesive technology Forgeway says they have developed great products for various industries that can benefit from their body panel adhesives.

The company says they have been in the business for many years and have developed various high quality adhesives that can be used with great effect on many surfaces that need to be bonded – also body panel adhesives. They say their projects all started because specific clients or industries needed an adhesive or product to be the solution to a specific request or problem. They have developed all their products with great care and ensure they meet the highest industry standards and exceed their clients’ expectations.

Their adhesives, they add, meet the demands of all the industries that they collaborate with and supply products for. Because they take great care to pay attention to detail during manufacturing, they say, their products are of the highest quality with strong emphasis on using only the best technology and superior materials.

According to the company they develop and produce adhesives for a number of industries and companies that design, manufacture and supply their own products for the markets that they serve. An example is the construction industry – another aerospace.

They say any industry that relies upon their technology and the products they develop is welcome to enquire about the products. They add that their range of adhesives are used in various industries and suit a great number of businesses that rely on the technology they bring to the market.

Forgeway says they are always ready and willing to talk to all clients, either those that have been dealing with them for a long time, or those who are new to their products. The company says they react quickly to enquiries and get back to clients without delay.

Clients are free to enquire about every aspect of the business, they say, right from the technology they use to all aspects relating to materials used, pricing structures and advice on what adhesives to use for specific circumstances.

Roderick Buckley, Managing Director said during a recent interview, “We are very proud of our company and the successes we have achieved. We always make sure that our clients have a very satisfactory experience when they deal with us. It is important to know that they benefit from our adhesives – but also from our high levels of top quality service.”

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At Forgeway we bring or clients the best in terms of bonding and sealant technology. We constantly strive to develop the best products to serve the construction, aerospace, mass transportation and truck body industries among those who can benefit from our products and advanced technology. With more than 20 years industry experience we are proud to offer our clients top quality products that are used to ensure their businesses and firms benefit from their association with us. We have developed outstanding products that are aimed at assisting all our clients to achieve the best results in their industry. Our adhesives and sealants constantly pass the most stringent tests and are known to be among the very best the industry has to offer. For more about us, please visit

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Forgeway are leaders in the field of bonding and sealant technology.

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Sep 07, 2017