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The Magento open source codex is recognized to be one of the best programming systems. Seeking to hire the best offshore talent at competitive pricing remains a steady marketing strategy.

Developing any digital product properly demands years of experience from developers. Software technology entails a diverse knowledge base of specializations and sub-specializations. Only professionals with many years of dedicated experience can ultimately deliver a standalone quality within assigned deadlines. Many US companies maintain steady offshore partnerships with Indian IT sector. Even in a homogenous global talent landscape, Indian professionals have been able to carve a distinct niche of delivering the best in quality. Attributable to a significant social impetus on quality engineering studies, the country has some of the best scientific institutes globally. 

Ex-IIT students such as SundarPichai have been able to scale their journeys to the top of the global IT sector. Currently spotted touring in India, the success story of Pichai is a clear indicator of the great value delivered by professionals from this part of the world. Top global companies look forward to connect their business policy to capture such rare talents. Combined with this, the competitive costing benefits due to relative currency valuation serve to make the country an almost automatic destination for offshore partnerships. Agencies such as Magento eCommerce services regularly deliver to keep up with the reputed expectations. 

In preparing this report, a brief interview with a project manager was scheduled. The formal discussion clarified the secret formula for success for regular international connections. “Our focus is to prove all prejudices about the official Indian connection as wrong. We have found that it is a common idea to think third world countries as unprofessional work hubs. Although I would like to blame the officially corrupted system for such ideas, yet it is also our responsibility to prove that as wrong. Our repeat business rate is rather excellent and we can furnish positive reviews from top global clientele. We make this possible by maintaining a stringent employment policy.” 

On asked about the importance of hiring only the cream of the talent pool, the response was curt. “It is obvious that only the best can deliver the best, especially for something so advanced like Magento coding. However, our stringency extends beyond verifying only the years of experience and educational qualification. We make sure to hire people who are sincere, hardworking, motivated, and most importantly, very honest. Moreover, a lot of our regular management efforts go towards team bonding activities. Following this tested approach, we are able to deliver the best service one could have.” 

On inquired about the Google CEO, this executive had a brilliant reply, summing up it all. “We definitely appreciate the role of successful and famous Indians at the top positions of the global IT map. However, being a prejudice free Magento development company, we do not happen to brand our clients as Indian, American, Swiss, or British. Ultimately, it is the level of communication you can honestly establish with another person that matters. Mr. Pichai has made what he deserved. We intend to keep following our personal technical karma.” He said with a smile. 

Success in the IT field, like any other area of business, ultimately depends on the human value participation. Discussing the issue with top professionals serve to provide a steady formula of staying relevant in a seriously competitive scenario. For more details visit at

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Jan 12, 2017