Designer of Victor, an App for Veterans, Seeks Financial Help to Launch It

A little financial help will ensure that this veteran app makes the live of the soldiers easy post retirement.


Military life is different and many a times difficult than civilian life. The hardships that a soldier undergoes during his service period are simply unimaginable. Every military personnel is respected by the civilians as the soldiers brave dangerous and deadly situations day in day out in the bid to ensure that the safety of the civilians remain intact. But the life of military personnel is never easy. The veterans put their lives in danger in battlegrounds and when they retire they have to fight with loneliness. These veterans, who feel secluded from the civil society, feel hopeless and helpless. In this context, it important to take a note of the fact that an app has been developed which could solve this problem of loneliness with easy.

Named Victor, this veterans app aims to make life easier and comfortable for those who have sacrificed several things in their lives in the bid to several and protect their country. The motto of this app is to make the veterans feel that they belong to the civil society one they finish their service period. With the help of this app, a veteran can join communities and find various ways living a successful and quantifiable life once their service is over.

The designer of this app has left no stone unturned in the bid to ensure the fat that this app is high in terms of the service it provides. But preparing such aa high quality app is not easy. Apart from the research and development part, development of such an app calls for a lot of monetary backing. The designer of this app would remain highly obliged to those who choose to financially help him in fulfilling his dream of creating the app.

About Victor:
Victor is an app that will help veterans lead a productive life post their service period.

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A little financial help will ensure that this veteran app makes the live of the soldiers easy post retirement.

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Nov 26, 2016