Detailed Information about Elder Weapon Beta and Changes for Barbarian Assault in RS 2007

It is announced by the official that elder beta and Barbarian assault are introduced to the Old School Runescape. Here details are revealed.

Hello, all RS players. Now you can have a try about the proposed elder weapons. And it is announced by the official that elder beta and Barbarian assault are introduced to the Old School Runescape. Here details are revealed. If you want to buy OSRS gold, come to RSorder.

Barbarian assault quality of life

Barbarian Assault has received a number of quality of life updates and bug fixes this week in an effort to make your time in the mini-game a bit smoother. Also previously, the cap on the number of queen kills which could be stored at any given time was 15. This made purchasing gambles inconvenient for players trying to get their hands on a pet. Now the cap has been raised to 40 to make the process earlier. Besides, the ladder found in the Barbarian Assault waiting rooms now has a quick-start option to get you straight into the action. Rather than waiting 60 seconds for the game to start automatically, your party leader can now use the quick start option to start the game immediately.

The big delay when using the item dispensers has been removed. You can now close the rewards window using the escape key. The rewards shop no longer has a black background, and should feel smoother to use. The egg conversion device now converts your eggs into another randomly, rather than to a specific color. An issue where Penance healers would stop taking poison damage has been fixed. The RS official has fixed an issue where the attack style selection was not working correctly. Points will no longer be lost when leaving the rewards window open after a game. Poisoning penance creatures with green eggs will no longer reduce poison severity.

Elder weapon beta

You can now try out prototype versions of these weapons on world 321! This world is a beta world/tournament world, so none of your progress will affect your account. As these weapons are prototype versions, they are currently using placeholder graphics.

On the beta world you can gear up with all the supplies you might need to give these weapons a go. You can also try out the elder maul at a small selection of monsters weak to crush attacks.

World 321 have become a beta world and tournament world. With those quality of life changes for Barbarian Assault, you can delve into it. By the way, if you don’t have enough RS 2007 gold, come to RSorder.


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Aug 19, 2016

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