Digitisation Expected To Boost The Performance Of The British Automotive Sector

John Gibson Associates, the UK's leading name for automotive recruitment services, has welcomed a report on how digitisation impacts the industry

John Gibson Associates, the name regarded as being the most authoritative in respect of automotive recruitment in the United Kingdom, has welcomed a report on the need to drive the sector towards digitisation. The report, commissioned by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and carried out by KPMG, expresses the view that the currently very successful motor industry in the UK could be achieving significantly higher performance results by accelerating the movement towards digitising the automotive industry.

The report considered a number of factors in order to reach the most complete and comprehensive conclusion possible. Key among these was gaining an understanding of the move towards digitisation in the automotive sector of other countries. This allowed for a real term insight into success already achieved as well as a look at how the UK might benefit in actual terms. In this respect, the report concluded that a cumulative figure of £74bn could be added to the national economic performance if a greater emphasis on digitisation was brought into the automotive sector.

At this stage there are two key areas which need to be addressed in order to enable greater digitisation. The first of these is to secure the funding financing required to make it possible. The second is to address the present skills shortage in respect of digitisation in the automotive sector. John Gibson Associates look forward to being of continued service to the automotive sector with respect to the latter.

Over the course of the last 25 years John Gibson Associates have proven to be the leading national experts in respect of automotive recruitment services. The approach they brought to the sector has a strong focus on the benefits of long term appointments being made. The stability this brings has always been crucial to any change or technological advancement in the automotive sector being successful. Digitisation being a success will, in turn, be reliant on it.

The last decade has seen exceptional levels of growth and success in every aspect of the UK motor industry. John Gibson Associates have been proud to contribute to the creation of this success with their automotive recruitment services. Digitisation has been identified as a key way in which the automotive industry can be driven to achieve even greater results. John Gibson Associates are prepared to provide the employment services required to enable this.


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Dec 13, 2016