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Biblical Counselor, Dr. L.L. Gill authors the book on effective parenting called “Discover The Gemstone Within Your Child”.


XULONPRESS.COM (November 26, 2016) - The book on effective parenting by Dr. L.L. Gill called “Discover The Gemstone Within Your Child” is now available at Authored by Biblical Counselor, Dr. LaShawn L. Gill, this book is all about how to deal with difficult children, teach disciple to children and efficiently implement behavioral management. Dr. Gill has been working with many children and families for more than 20 years. She is familiar with problems in dealing with child-raising and offers effective help through this book to the readers. Her spiritual and personal growth is a direct consequence of her genuine help offered to various families and children in need of guidance. Dr. Gill is inspired by the Scriptures and is passionate about helping people lead a spiritual life through Scriptural Guidance.

The most important thing discussed in this book by Dr. Gill is that one must understand that children are gems who need to be treasured and enjoyed. Gems are usually found underneath the earth’s surface which is why one gets dirty while exploring these precious stones, however, the final outcome is worth the time and energy spent on getting dirty and digging around. Similarly, the book discusses how essential it is to dedicate time and energy to help find out the true gem that one’s child is. This book essentially throws light on the following:

• Providing tips on parenting
• Allowing time for reflection
• Encouraging spiritual and personal growth

Not only this, but “Discover the Gemstone within Your Child” also guides parents to effectively manage their children. Parents who find it difficult to understand their children will hugely benefit from this book by Dr. Gill. The book is published on Xulon Press which is the largest Christian self-publishing company in North America and is owned and run by the Salem Media Group. The book is an inspiration to anyone who reads it.

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Biblical Counselor, Dr. L.L. Gill authors the book on effective parenting called “Discover The Gemstone Within Your Child”.

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Nov 26, 2016