Duodenal Switch Surgery In India Helps In Rapid Weight Loss!

In a Duodenal Switch Surgery, a large portion of the stomach is completely removed and the remaining part of the stomach remains attached to the upper portion of the small intestine called as duodenum.

Thousands of people across the globe struggle with medical conditions like Obesity and related problems. They try and find out options to reduce weight on a daily basis but these days individuals are turning towards different treatments for reducing extra weight and getting rid of fat bulges. There are various surgical options available in the market that help in reducing the weight drastically. Patients find it difficult to search for the right type of surgery and the right surgeon and hospital. Duodenal Switch Surgery offers effective and positive outcomes for severely obese individuals with a BMI of 50 or above.

In a Duodenal Switch Surgery, a largeportion of the stomach is completely removed, but the remaining part of the stomach remains attached to the upper portion of the small intestine called as duodenum. A large portion of the small intestine is also cut off. The duodenum is redirectedand is connected to the remaining lower portion of the small intestine, resulting in lesser amount of food intake. The basic advantage of duodenal switch surgery is that it allows for moderate intake of food with less calorie absorption resulting in very high levels of weight loss for obese people, with lowest risk of significant weight recovery.

The duodenal switch surgeryis a lengthy and complicated procedure. It lasts for about 4 hours depending upon the patient’s weight and overall health condition. After you undergo a duodenal switch surgery, you might experience some pain initially which will be reduced with pain killers and other medications. Your doctor will also advise you to have less amount of food and will recommend exercises only after few weeks of surgery.


Regardless of all of these positive results of various weight loss surgeries, you will be required to improve long-term food and exercising habits in order to maintain your weight levels post-surgery. Duodenal Switch Surgery in India is done by best weight loss surgeons who are specialists in the field of obesity & weight loss procedures ensuring better treatments. Obesity & Weight loss surgeons in India have immense experience in performing most complex Duodenal Switch Surgery. Duodenal Switch Surgery is done by experts in the most modern hospitals that have latest equipments and use modern technology for procedures. Travcure, a leading medical tourism company has vast experience in offering best medical treatments that assists you to undergo medical treatments at economical costs in internationally recognized hospitals in India and help plan your complete medical travel to India.

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Mar 02, 2016