Edmonton Roofing Company: The Importance of Flashings

Flashings also protect from problems related to moisture damage, like problematic mold or mildew. For your flashings to properly guard against water damage, professional Edmonton roofing companies like United Roofing.

Roof flashings are the unsung heroes of your roof. When your flashings are installed properly they are an important line of defense against wind, animals, insects and moisture from entering your home or business. Wherever there is a break in your roof that shingles can’t cover, flashings are there to save the day. Roofing companies in Edmonton will tell you that flashings are a small but integral part of any roofing system, but they don’t always tell you why. The Edmonton roofers from United Roofing put together a quick read about why flashings can be your best friend.

Guards against water
A properly installed flashing provides a watertight membrane that protects your home or business from the damage that can be caused by leaks. Flashings are installed to connect the joints of your roof and protect spots that shingles can’t cover. They don’t just create a barrier against water, they also collect any seepage and direct it back out of the roof.Flashings also protect from problems related to moisture damage, like problematic mold or mildew. For your flashings to properly guard against water damage, professional Edmonton roofing companies like United Roofing will get them put on right the first time.

HVAC Bills
Heating bills during an Alberta winter can really hurt your wallet. Roofing companies in Edmonton are always being asked what can be done to the roof to help keep your bills down. Ensuring that your flashings were installed correctly and don’t need to be repaired is a very good place to start. Just like roof flashings keep the water from coming into your home, they also keep heat from escaping your home or business. If you feel like your heating bill keeps getting bigger without changing your habits, you can contact the residential roofing team at United Roofing for a thorough inspection. Our trusted experts can tell if your flashings (or shingles) are in need of repair or replacement.

Roof flashings are not all created equally. They can be made from various materials and different qualities. Thanks to evolving technology, attractive flashings have become more available and more affordable. A visually appealing roof has been shown to dramatically increase the value of your home or business. Selecting the right materials to increase the curb appeal of your home can get overwhelming. Roofers in Edmonton can consult with you about the best type of flashings to match your roof at a price point you feel comfortable with.

Flat Roofs
It is not just our residential team that gets asked questions about flashings. Our team of Edmonton commercial roofers often get phone calls from people who aren’t sure if their roof is performing at an optimum level. When the flat roof of a commercial building needs repairs, it is often because of poorly installed flashings. Commercial properties with flat roofs can run the risk of water pooling on the surface for a prolonged period of time and leaking into the waterproof membrane below. A thoughtfully designed and installed flat roof will use flashings to combat seepage, keeping the roof below dry and the property in good health.

Whether you are building your house or have owned it for years, our trusted team of roofers in Edmonton can help find the flashings that fit your home, business and budget. Now that you know how important they are, don’t get caught without them! Contact the Edmonton roofing company, United Roofing – we’ve got you covered!


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