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Sachie's Kitchen
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Big or Small corporate team building Events in Auckland are handled by Sachie’s Kitchen effectively and efficiently. They are the winner of the 2013 People’s Choice awards for the Best Corporate Event & Team Building Activity in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand; (June 2015) are you ready for corporate team building activities? The most popular team building organizer Sachie’s Kitchen is proud to proclaim a new way of cooking!

Cooking team building can be an event that anyone can participate in. It does not take any special skill or experience. There is a chef present to guide the process. The only real requirement is the ability to work successfully in a team environment. When following instructions, a culinary masterpiece can be created.

Strongly linked and effective teams are a crucial support in creating corporate success and many organizations have looked to traditional team building methods to assist them in bonding their staff together. However, recent research has suggested that such traditional methods of team building could be doing little towards improving group coherence.

Cooking has long been known to bond groups of people together. Research in the US reveals the benefits cookery can bring to families who regularly share mealtimes. These can include better family relationships and improved academic performance. There are even greater benefits for those families that also include the children in the preparation and cooking of the family meal.

Cookery is the ideal activity to strengthen bonds between those who need to communicate effectively and efficiently in the working environment. There are now devoted culinary schools available that offer short cooking courses and workshops to those interested in a team building activity that really does makes a difference.

The final part of planning your corporate cooking event is inviting your participants and looking forward to a scrumptious meal prepared by your team. This experience is sure to be like no other. Employees will be happy to participate in healthy competition where everyone benefits and comes away feeling a sense of accomplishment, not to mention having a full belly.

Sachieskitchen.com is the NZ's award winning Corporate Cooking Centre, custom-built to provide fun cooking experiences for groups of business professionals.


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Sachie's Kitchen is the most award winning team building cooking school in Auckland, NZ.

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Jun 26, 2015

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