FestalTours Offers Amazing Discounts For Groups on Shimla, Manali & Darjeeling Tour Packages

Indian is a divine land full of surprises for every traveler across the globe. Every part of India has its own specialties as far as travel and tourism is concerned.

Bilaspur, CG, May 27, 2015 – Indian is a divine land full of surprises for every traveler across the globe. Every part of India has its own specialties as far as travel and tourism is concerned. “Although best time for tourism in India is considered to be time from October till March, still the period of March-April-May is considered as a good time for Indians as most schools and colleges remain closed due to Summer Vacations.” – says one of the Senior Operators from Festal Tours.

Summer vacations in India is one of those most awaited times for kids to travel around the country and gather some knowledge as well as refresh their times from study and other engagements. Although winter vacations is still there, but usually winter vacations are spend with family at home because of the festivals and others. The summer vacation is the time, when Indian parents usually plan for LTC Travel to avail their LTC benefits from workplaces.

“We usually plan Group Tour Packages for our Indian customers as well as foreigners for cool places like North-India and North-Eastern parts. This not only helps our customers to get the mesmerizing glimpses of India through pre-planned Kashmir Tour Packages or North East Tour Packages, but also help in getting good discounts over the tour bookings and Group Tour Packages.” – says The Managing Director of Festal Tours, while announcing their special LTC Tour Packages for Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Kashmir and North-East.

“We have been registered with CG Tourism Board and one of the most reputed tour operators from Chhattisgarh. Being in this industry for more than 10 years, we understand the sentiments associated with every Indian for availing Shimla Tour Packages or Manali Tour Packages or similarly others. Usually people come to us for convenient travel in unknown parts of India and also like to have best prices, with the best of accommodations. We have been providing seamless service while arranging such tours for our customers with the best of everything starting from convenient travel, homely accommodation, and best guide en-route with the best of customer support.” – The Managing Director further added to his comments.

Festal Tours offers a cozy online platform (http://www.festaltours.com/) for easy booking of Group Travel Packages through smartphones and desktops. One can also avail fantastic discounts and can compare vivid range of choices available with their Darjeeling Tour Packages or Kashmir Tour Packages. They also offer flamboyant Kerala Tour Packages with amazing discounts and rich customer service. With their online portal one can avail everything such as accommodation, travel itinerary, local conveyance, and information about places of interest as per the selection of tour packages. This portal also offers best deals for international tours and holiday deals. With this portal one can get umbrella solutions for travel in India as well as some of the selected destinations abroad.

Interested to know more about their fascinating Group Travel Packages for Kashmir, Shimla, Manali or North-East? You may prefer to visit their exclusive online portal at http://www.festaltours.com/, today!

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May 26, 2015