Find Out The Five Best Escape Games in Kentucky

Find Out The Five Best Escape Games in Kentucky

Lexington Kentucky, November 2016 - ( Thinking about the top 5 best escape games in Kentucky? Here are 5 of the best escape games you can find.


Time Bomb

This escape game theme has explosives planted all over the room. An assassin made the bombs to go off in hour once you step inside the room. He wants to destroy all the evidences of his crimes to get away. Puzzles and riddles awaits players to be cracked. One thing you need to avoid is getting bitten by the assassin’s pet. This is one of the best escape games in Lexington Kentucky


Shock and Awe

This themed escape room is the newest from Countdown Games in Lexington Kentucky. This room is the home of Nikola Tesla and at the same time a mad scientist. Your team steps in the room to become his apprentice, the problem is you need to light up his laboratory. he has given you and your team an hour to escape the laboratory that has over 10,000 lights, lasers and more. Never miss this game that started a couple of months ago which is great for team building games (


Escape The Darkest Hour

This is one of the few escape rooms that are a bit hard to escape but the theme is so awesome you would want to come back again and play the game. A very challenging room which beginners needs to bring some of their friends that has experiences playing these type of games. Inside the room you and your group has about 3 flashlights to use, together with creepy sounds that will give you the scare of your life.


The Basement

The room is lit dimly and horror fans will love this kind of themed room. A story connected to the room that will make it more interesting while playing the game. The game is more on a psychological horror because the game will require you to do things that are a bit disgusting and frighten you. This game is not for the faint of heart. Creepy puzzles that has a time limit, you will also have an interaction inside the room with some prisoners kidnapped and locked inside the room and interaction with them might get you a clue.


Time Run

This a themed room from an escape game room in London. Just like Shock and Awe from Countdown Games, this room involves a scientist who discovered time travel and was too late to know realize that messing around with time travel would be a great risk for everyone. An immersive game built for players to escape from in an hour. make your way through the past and the future by solving puzzles and finding clues.


Sherlock Holmes Theme

This escape room theme name may be old but now there are modifications of the game made to twist the minds of players who would want to experience the game. Sherlock Holmes may be smart but you can outwit the room and escape just by thinking and acting like Holmes. Now you have five of the best escape games in Kentucky, all you have to do is search for the venue and bring your team for a fun team building ( day.



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