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The best possible Garden Maintenance Professionals tip from the experts is to let the grass grow long and cut off one third of the leaf each time you mow it.

Home owners aspire for a lush green lawn but turning this idea into a reality can take some doing. Lawn care is not just about mowing but is a consistent effort in fertilising, weed control and a regular maintenance schedule to keep it looking at its best. With busy lifestyles, not many of us can devote the time and effort to provide the best possible care for our lawns and this is where lawn care services step in. There are several garden maintenance services in Australia that can be hired to take up the job. Fox Mowing, Australia offers the best possible care for any lawn, be it large or small.

Basic lawn care involves a regular check to identify problems, proper fertilisation and regular mowing. With a check, you might come across a number of problems in your lawn, growth of weeds is one of the most common. Weeds must be tackled quickly before they overrun the lawn. Simply pulling them out along with the roots works well, but if you haven't the time to spare, it's easier to engage the services of garden care experts who not only take up weed control but other jobs around the garden as well.

Insects and pests is another issue that needs immediate attention. Spraying of insecticide is the only way to keep your lawn free from pests. Chemical sprays are a quick option although these do more harm than good as far as the environment is concerned. However, there are several organic pest control methods that you can use including organic pesticides and some easily assembled home remedies.

A healthy garden is the first step towards organic pest control and to achieve this it is essential that your lawn has the ideal growing conditions. Rich soil, sufficient watering and proper fertilisation ensures that the grass grows well. A healthy lawn in turn repels insects and pests naturally reducing the need for pest control efforts.

The best possible Garden Maintenance Professionals tip from the experts is to let the grass grow long and cut off one third of the leaf each time you mow it. Mind you, the mowing should be done regularly to leave the grass looking its best. Cutting the grass too low might damage your lawn and create bare patches.

While all these tips appear to be simple, you might not have the time to indulge in gardening and lawn care. Or, you may not have the right tools and equipment, or you may just not know how to tackle the Professional Lawn Mowing Services problem. But don't fret, Fox Mowing can help you there.

Fox Mowing provides the best possible care for any type of lawn of any size. Not only that, they offer other services as well, including garden maintenance, hedge maintenance, weed and pest control, landscaping, etc. Get a free quote at , or call them for more information on services and rates.

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Oct 04, 2016