Foxmowing Can Help You With Any Aspects Of Garden Creation And Care

We are always there for folks whose love for the gardens and the outdoors know no bounds!

Who doesn’t like the idea of a lush, well-kept garden and a lawn that looks like a shapely patch of velvet? Yet, the majority backs off apprehending the time, money and effort they need to put behind keeping it that way. But reality check assures you don’t need to dread it the way you do; a little know-how about who can do it for you goes a long way.

Creating a garden is tough; maintaining it is tougher. It’s not a problem if your dough comes in automatically; you can devote your time and money into it and keep yourself busy with the hobby but only a handful among us get that lucky! For the rest, it’s tough to keep up on a continuous basis. So dreams die at the very nascent stage and the surrounding stays barren. That’s quite an eyesore.

Plus, there is the technical know-how that gets into it. Watering, fertilising and weeding are essential parts of regular maintenance; if you are planning to do them all by yourself without knowing enough, things might soon turn into a disaster. And the sad part is: busy lifestyles do not leave you enough time to study and contemplate.

But there are suitable alternatives to such endeavours. Leave the job to someone who knows! Isn’t someone with a whole supply of tools, ingredients, technical knowledge and experience far better than tools in inexperienced hands? That’s us – The Foxmowing Lawn And Garden Business For Sale and Care Company! Express your heart’s desire and we’ll fulfil your dreams!

We are always there for folks whose love for the gardens and the outdoors know no bounds! Any help you need – to any extent – it is available with us! Any aspect of garden creation and care you require, Fox Mowing is just a phone call away!

To us, garden creation is fun! We undertake every project with as much zeal and care as the owner and all these years into the game has made garden creation a hobby for us! Nothing is better than getting paid for a hobby and when hobbyists are at play, be sure the garden is going to go your way!

When Foxmowing gets into the scene, you are relieved from running a tedious chore. No more you need to settle for small patches of shady trees instead of a full-fledged garden and lawn! Hiring Foxmowing Lawn Mowing Business For Sale and garden care services is your wise step towards a good looking garden of your choice, for the constant care it will require (including soil selection and maintenance) are all provided by us.

From mowing the grass at regular intervals to the required length; from keeping the soil hydrated and fertile and separating weeds from the plants and keeping everything free from fungal growth, we provide an all-round care for a price that will take you aback!

Yes, even pruning, trimming, hedge maintenance and rubbish disposal. To give you a hint, it’s going to work out lesser than what you would otherwise spend for your year-long supply of tools and other required ingredients!

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Philip purchased a Jim’s Mowing franchise in Melbourne in 1989, before purchasing the Regional Franchise for South Australia in 1990, becoming the first ever Regional Franchisor in the Jim’s Group.

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Dec 15, 2016