Fundamental Failings See UK Funeral Costs Rise During 2015

UK Memorial Service are dedicated to creating high quality memorials for realistic and sensitive prices

Recently released information shows that the cost of a funeral in the UK has risen again this year. The estimated costs of a standard funeral in the UK have during 2015 gone up by close to 5%. Whilst many have cover policies in place to help address the costs of burial when they pass away, there are cases where not even this level of preparedness covers the costs involved. There have been unfortunate instances, as a result of the costs, in which some have felt that they cannot afford to place a suitable memorial for a lost loved one. UK Memorial Service are dedicated to ensuring that the dignified, fitting memorial wished for to pay tribute to a lost loved one remains as affordable as possible.

Whereas some of the increased costs associated with funerals are unavoidable, this should not mean that it is the case across the board. To be as supportive as possible towards the bereaved, UK Memorial Service work closely with marble and granite suppliers to ensure the costs of materials for creating memorials are kept as low as possible. Keeping these costs down does not mean that the quality of materials being used is allowed to fall. Memorials, in particular headstones, must be designed and created in such a way that they require only minimal maintenance, and so that they may stand freely and safely for many years. UK Memorial Service have shown their understanding of the importance of this over the course of 40 years of service.

UK Memorial Service are accredited members of both the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) and the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM). This means that the quality of their work is constantly measured and passed to meet the highest of British Standards, and that they are allowed to design and craft memorials which are permitted in virtually every burial site in the UK. A key requirement of retaining this membership is the assurance that the costs of their service are neither excessive nor prohibitive.

A representative of the prestigious Royal London Group was recently quoted as saying there are "fundamental failings" in respect of the funeral system in the UK today. UK Memorial Service understand the sentiment behind this statement. The time of a funeral is one of bereavement and grief. The costs of a funeral, and those of ensuring a suitable memorial is put in place, should not add to the emotional burden of the period.

UK Memorial Service are dedicated to ensuring that bespoke, dignified and enduring headstones, as well as other forms of memorials, remain accessible in terms of costing. The company was founded on the ethos of how important it is that people may pay tribute to lost loved ones without facing excessive costs to do so. In this respect UK Memorial Service take pride in being able to serve communities across the nation in their time of bereavement.

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UK Memorial Service are BRAMM and NAMM accredited members. They have over 40 years of service in providing headstones and memorials which are endearing and enduring.

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Oct 05, 2015