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Pain is something that everyone learns to live with, and this is an inescapable fact of life that has rung true through the ages. While aspirin has been used as the magical cure all for many a painful affliction, matters of the teeth are a different story altogether. A throbbing tooth or worse, a few teeth, is enough to drive anyone nuts after a prolonged period of time if nothing is done to alleviate the suffering and pain experienced. Perhaps it is a tooth that needs extraction, and in such cases, getting a professional Gainesville dentist to get the job done is by far the superior option to tying the affected tooth to a door with a string and opening it in one swift motion.

Green Hill Family Dental Care is not one to shirk from tooth extractions, one of the procedures that many people tend to loathe and avoid if possible. However, there are situations where the removal of a particular tooth is the best or healthiest route to take. In order to prepare patients for this procedure, the Wand is used. The Wand is an advanced anesthetic delivery system which guarantees that the entire tooth extraction procedure will be completely painless. Of course, the big question looms on the horizon once a tooth has been removed, “What available options are there to have an aesthetically pleasing look like before?” After all, no one would like to have a smile with a gaping space in between teeth after an extraction.

It is a good thing that the experienced team at Green Hill Family Dental Care under the leadership of  Dr. Olsen and Dr. Pham have dealt with their fair share of tooth extraction cases that they would have lined up a slew of tooth replacement options such as dental implants, dentures or bridges in order to ensure that the surrounding teeth will not end up shifting from their current place.

Those with little or young children might have given up on locating a dental clinic who is able to offer a level of service and treatment that the young ones are comfortable with. Greenhill Family Dental Care is a renowned Gainesville pediatric dentist who have vast experience when it comes to dealing with young children and their fears of sitting in a dentist’s chair. 

Anyone who is looking for a dental clinic in Gainesville would do well to check out Greenhill Family Dental Care which is located at 14535 John Marshall Highway, Suite 209, Gainesville, VA 20155. Feel free to drop by their clinic or give them a holler at 703-753-2252 in order to book an appointment or simply walk in to check out the comprehensive range of dental services offered. Many of their patients return time and again in the future, having built up a personal relationship with each patient that enables services to be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. After all, you never get a second chance at making a first impression, so why not maximize the potential of blowing everyone away with that perfect smile?

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Feb 11, 2018

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