Goldman Sachs Summer Internship Application Made Easy with Cover Letter Library

Cover Letter Library advised that they are helping members with their Goldman Sachs Summer Internship application in 2017.

Cover Letter Library is a valuable online resource that caters to students and career focused individuals who are looking for effective and professional cover letters along with essential and valuable interview information and advice. This company is very well-established and is adding new material each nd every day that their members can rely on and trust.


This company comprises of an experienced team of professionals, along with founder Mai Le. The team are company owners, managers, recruitment specials and those who have applied and successfully secured a new position of their dreams. They add material to the site regularly from new cover letters to some insider tips and recommendations when it comes to a great interview experience.


Cover Letter Library advised that they focus on preparing people when applying for a position, whether it's the promotion that they have been dreaming of or they want to secure their first internship. They mentioned that they have hundreds of cover letters on the site already and they cater to all industries and all employment categories from administrative staff to bookkeeping professionals and sales positions to managerial and director positions and more.



The company advised that in addition to providing their members with a great cover letter to ensure it catches the eye of the employers, they also provide insider tips, advice and recommendations when it comes to preparing for an interview and what to expect. They mentioned that they have interview stories from those who have conducted the interview to applicants who have just been through the interview process. \



Mai Le, the founder of Cover Letter Library said “Knowing what to expect in an interview can help the member be more relaxed and confident. We are currently experiencing a high volume of members who are looking for information and letters that they can use to secure a Goldman Sachs summer internship. We have a choice of quality cover letters for internships along with some interview advice to help students securing their first internship to have everything they need to succeed at their fingertips.”



Cover Letter Library is growing in demand on a daily basis and they advised that they ensure new material is added daily so that they can cater to all their members now and moving forward.



About Us: Cover Letter Library is an online resource for anyone who is looking for an effective and professional cover letter or wants to get some insight into interviewing with the wealth of interview experiences offered. The site was started by Mai as a way to help people prepare when applying for a position or going for an interview. The site offers hundreds of cover letters for all industries and interview experiences that members can take full advantage of. They add new material daily. To find out more, visit


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Cover Letter Library is a UK-based website selling member-only access to exclusive premium recruitment contents, such as successful cover letters and interview experience write-ups, to job seekers all over the world.

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Aug 18, 2017