Goldstar Launches Exclusive Clothing Range For Bodybuilders

The UK's leading gym and supplements company release range of clothing that caters for workout wear

Goldstar Supplements are one of the most easily recognized and highly regarded names in UK bodybuilding circles. Their support and advice, backed by the ability supply the best in branded, proven products, has been endorsed by some of the most admired athletes in the country and is trusted across the board. With Goldstar always being ready to listen to what weightlifters want with the same dedication they have to providing products and advice, the company has met the demand for clothing designed specifically for bodybuilders.

The physique of bodybuilders is distinctly different from how the general clothing industry applies measurements and size labels to regular clothing. The built up, toned muscles of dedicated weightlifters means that standard sized clothing is rarely perfect for them. Usually it's the case that they have to opt for shirts that are either too tight or too loose for them, with an off the peg item rarely being the perfect fit. Goldstar Supplements understand the frustration this causes, in particular as it can leave bodybuilders feeling like they are being punished for working hard to get the perfect body. Their range has been specially designed to provide the perfect look and fit.

Up to now in the market a phrase used far too often for clothing for weightlifters is that it has been "designed by bodybuilders for bodybuilders". Whilst this makes a certain amount of sense, Goldstar believe it to be far more beneficial to have their range designed and created by highly regarded clothing and fashion designers who have an intrinsic, deep and full level of understanding and respect for what bodybuilders require. The range of clothing Goldstar carry reflects this, with every item available featuring both the finest in clothing design and manufacture and well as the most accommodating understanding of what weightlifters want.

For the greatest level of convenience possible to bodybuilders across the UK, Goldstar have made their bodybuilder clothing range available to order online via their responsive website. The company provides fast shipping across the UK, and has put in place attractive, low pricing to qualify for both free shipping and to gain significant discounts.

The first items of the Goldstar Clothing range - for both the ladies and the gents of the weightlifting world - are already available on the Goldstar Supplements website. Further items and ranges designed to perfection for the bodybuilders physique will be added to meet the increasing demand levels.

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Jan 23, 2015