Guide to join RSorder Xmas Carnival for 80% off rsgold and Sliske's Endgame Dec. 26

Guide to join RSorder Xmas Carnival for 80% off rsgold and Sliske's Endgame Dec. 26

Today's update brings 12 new pieces of silver jewellery. These new trinkets are ripe for the crafting right now, each with a handy effect.This was a personal project Mods Harrison, Wolf and Dolan - with help Mods Timbo and Moltare - who ran with rsgold a community suggestion to fill out a gap in RuneScape's gear and skill progression. Thanks gents!Read on to find out more, and don't forget to chase those last few requirements for Sliske's Endgame – coming next week!

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The new jewellery is made by setting opal, jade and red topaz into silver jewellery pieces. They can then be enchanted with the Lvl1-3 Enchant spells for the following effects:


Ring of metamorphosis: Chance for double XP when catching butterflies barehanded. 10 charges.Headhunter's Sacrifice (bracelet): Chance for on-assignment Slayer kills to count as double, for no additional XP. 25 charges.Featherfingered Necklace: Chance to take no damage and avoid stun when caught thieving. 10 charges.Amulet of Bountiful Harvest: Chance to conserve seeds when planting in an allotment. 10 charges.


Ring of Respawn: Teleports to unlocked respawn points. 5 charges.Flamtaer Bracelet: Instantly builds a single temple wall in Shades of Mort'ton. 2 charges.Traveller's Necklace: Teleports to the Wizards' Tower, the outpost north of Ardougne, or south of Eagle's Eyrie. 5 charges.Botanist's Amulet: Chance to create higher-dosage potions. 5 charges.

Red Topaz

Columbarium Ring: Increased chance to receive the Sunspear effect when killing Vyrewatch. A charge will always be expended per kill, whether or not the effect occurs. 50 charges.Headhunter's Thrill (bracelet): Chance for Slayer kills to not reduce the assignment count, but still award experience. 25 chargesNecklace of Gluttony: Food eaten gives +100 life points. 20 charges.Enlightened Amulet: Teleports to the Nexus, the Desert Bandit Camp, or south of the Graveyard of Shadows. 5 charges.

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