Gumtree Blinds Offers Stylish, Functional Outdoor Blinds In Perth

Gumtree Blinds specializes in offering a huge array of functional and stylish outdoor blinds best fitting contemporary home designs in Perth, WA.

Gumtree Blinds offers a wide variety of blinds including outdoor blinds reflecting good tastes and styles at affordable costs. The outdoor blinds are very much functional and stylish add-ons to any smartly designed contemporary homes in Perth. They are available in five different styles with an option of motorized or manual control like LOGIC Channel, LOGIC Drop, LOGIC Pivot, LOGIC Cable and LOGIC Zip. The outdoor awning hardware of these blinds is manufactured from silver pearl that can be custom colored complementing the chosen fabric designs as well as the external color outline of the residential space.


Gumtree Blinds has an improved variety of awning fabrics like clear PVC, amazing color choices, wide fabric length etc. The awning fabric collection consists of Everview External Screen Fabric (Offers heat and harsh glare reduction and also UV protection), Dickson Constant Acrylic Fabric (Perfect option for improved solitude and sunlight control) and Clear PVC (Enhanced protection against wind and wet climate while offering superb views through). The outdoor blinds of Gumtree Blinds include an operating system comprising of an internal cord lifter, spring and manual crank unit, accessible in black, white and grey color for amazing color synchronization. The motorized choices of blinds are also accessible through a remote, a wall switch and a new mechanical tensioning motor that allows the awnings to be locked properly. The operating systems feature supplementary compounds like wind and sun sensors, special features and integration into home automation units.


“Our outdoor blinds are manufactured to last longer and can be accessed through remote or any kind of hardwired operation. Hence, you can control both manual and motorized awnings easily with just one stroke of a switch. Even manual override choices are also available in our blinds so that you can pull your awnings anytime including the time of power cut. When it comes to our outdoor blind maintenance, always make sure the motorized awning is switched off before cleaning. You just need a damp sponge to wipe out any dust or dirt particle. If needed, you can rinse the blind with your hands through a delicate brush in a 30 degree hot water with standard cleansing detergent. Then, you should rinse as many time as possible with clean water and do it again and again until the fabric is cleaned perfectly and cleansing agents are washed. After that, you should dry the fabric. If the awning is still damp, you need to extend it completely as soon as possible in order to protect the fabric against mold growth. Again, if you really need help with buying outdoor blinds in Perth, browse through our website today”, says one of the spokespersons of Gumtree Blinds.


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Gumtree Blinds is a well-known supplier of stylish, functional roller blinds including outdoor blinds best suiting client’s preferences and requirements of every kind. All of the outdoor blinds are designed in such a way to appreciate any modern home déco

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Dec 19, 2016