Having a Beer-Pizza night? Impress the gang with these perfect pairings!

The house-specialty sauces and pizza dough that we make fresh daily really set our pizzas apart from the rest.

Some of the best pizza places in Bend, Oregon have beers in their menus.(pizza places in bend Oregon) However it’s almost always that it feels like a hassle to choose the right beer and at times, it can be a little pressuring. After all, who doesn’t want to impress the group with their exquisite taste and in-depth culinary knowledge? It is an experience after all and the job of the host is to provide a good time. So do not worry, we’ve listed all of this down for the host-in-trouble.

It is vital to first understand what kind of night is it that needs to happen. Are there stories that if told will make the night more fun? And if yes, what are these stories? Is wine really off the table or do the pals don’t like just cheese? Or is it just a simple evening and the host is making a big deal out of it? Whatever the case is, you can never go wrong with the perfect pairing so here’s the breakdown.


For any pizza lover it is fact that the margherita is the original and authentic Italian pizza. Simplistic in nature and made with the freshest ingredients, it is smart to expect this dish at any pizza party given its place in the pie’s history. Plus, it is a delight to devour and most people with agree. Individuals can get this from authentic from-scratch pizza in Bend at an affordable price.

Beer: Pale Ale

Oh yes, the simplistic margherita with the malty ale is considered one of the best pairings in the beer-pizza world. The flavour of the malt in the ale will complement the pizza’s crust and will even out the acidity of the San Marzano tomatoes. Try this with Deschutes Mirror Pond, Sierra Nevada or some Victory Headwaters.


Now, if the host is having a hard time choosing from the pizza menu. It is highly likely that he/she will order the classic cheese pizza. Not only is this dish simplistic but it’s also very hard to find an individual who would not want a slice when they see the sight of this pie which makes it perfect for social gatherings and pizza parties.

Beer: Wheat Ale

The great thing about this pair is aside from the fact that it’s perfect, they also complement each other regardless of the type of cheese used on the pie and is very cheap! This pairing is perfect for individuals who are looking to project an image of culinary taste but are constrained by the amount of paper they have in their wallets. So the next time somebody wants to impress people through a pizza party and are keeping a tight budget, recommend this and they’ll never go wrong.


Okay, so the internet is a place where most Hawaiian pizza haters unite, though not all people go to the internet and are scared by the sight of this exotic pie. In fact, it is quite famous and a lot of people love the dish!

Beer: Fruit Ale

If not noticed, what makes a good pair is the fact that the two ingredients complement each other and what’s a better compliment for a fruity pie than a fruit based ale! The sweetness of the ale will elevate the fruity flavours found in the Hawaiian pizza and will bring a great contrast to the salty ham. 

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