How Does Airwheel Z5 Fast Foldable Electric Scooter Save Space?

People will take Airwheel Z5 as the priority for transportation tools for travels. It is a real green technological product that helps consumers travel easily and conveniently.

In the current market, a brand new of intelligent electric scooter has sprung up overnight. That is Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter that shares the same advantages with the traditional electricity-assisted scooter. Airwheel Z5 is a real green technological product that helps consumers travel easily and conveniently. However, how does Airwheel Z5 2 wheel electric scooter save space?

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By comparison, Airwheel Z5 owns a cut above the traditional scooter. Z5 is more economical and handy. Z5 foldable electric scooter is more compact and delicate so that it will not take up a large room when the rider parks it. Unlike the electricity-assisted scooter that is quite common to see in the street, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter is foldable. 13.15kg item weight and triple folding system of Z5 enables individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car. Airwheel Z5 is equipped with an adjustable shaft, which further adds to its ability to save space.

When the user rides it outside and arrives at his destination, he could fold it and even carry it with his one single hand. The rider could put it into his boot. When he goes to work, he could park his car in a spacious parking plot and takes out his Airwheel Z5 intelligent electric scooter. He proceeds to steer it through the traffic and it is rather easy for him to shun the crowded traffic. The lateness for work never happens to him. This blessing benefits from its fold ability.

Other than that, Airwheel motorized scooter Z5’s battery is worth mentioning. The battery is in a modular design, easy to disassemble and replace. Coupled with USB power supply interface, mobile phones and other daily intelligent equipment can be charged during the journey.

Advocating portability and convenience, Airwheel Z5 personal electric scooter is enjoyed by the masses. Airwheel Z5 is to help people live a flexible, convenient, low-carbon and high-efficiency life in the city.

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Nov 10, 2016