How Effective are Women’s Support Groups in Treatment

If it wasn’t for the foundation that I build in Clarity Sober Living, I don’t know if I would have the time sober that I do today

Women’s sober living can be tough but it is made less difficult with the help of other women you can identify with and can encourage you. Drug and alcohol addiction can make you feel lonely. However, recovery can be lonely too. One of the essential help in staying sober is a strong support group. It is important that you surround yourself with a solid female support group so that you will know that you are not alone. You are also reminded that there are people who will support you on your road to recovery and stay clean.(women's addiction treatment in Southern California) A strong support group in itself is a core aspect of treatment in sober living facilities in Southern California.

Before support groups, people held a strong stigma regarding addiction. It was never viewed as a disease and medical professionals could only help out to a certain extent. Recovering addicts only had a detox program to go through and no further support. This would often lead to a relapse. Finally, Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and Dr. Bob discovered that recovering addicts and alcoholics can help each other and that their support is beneficial to their staying sober. This is sensible as only someone who has been through the same experience can understand and sympathize with a recovering addict. Since then, group therapy and support groups have been an essential part of recovery.

Southern California female sober living support groups came to be as the need increased. At such groups, delicate matters that only women go through makes it easier for recovering addicts to open up. Matters such as domestic abuse, rape, PTSD, and other women-specific triggers may be discussed and the right encouragement received. Women can participate in sharing past events that triggered their addiction. They can also show encouragement with how they dealt with the challenges to their sobriety.

Women tend to open up more easily with a group of women they can relate to. This may include mothers, pregnant women and teenage girls who you may resonate with. Female support groups are known to allow the healing process to begin. For instance, victims of traumatic experiences can come together and feel empowered through each other’s experiences. You can find inspiration and strength from other women who have believed in themselves and who believe in you. Women may also come to realize that they are not alone in their struggles and others who share their experiences have found a way towards healing.

Take note that women support groups are not only for women who are new to sobriety. Women who relapse or even those who are years along in their recovery tend to remain in these support groups. They find that the encouragement and advice they give to those struggling with sobriety, help them stay sober as well. These women are encouraged to stay sober for the sake of those who are just starting their journey and look to them for guidance and inspiration.

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