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Minimising Taxes

Paying taxes is something we all must do.  The popular, well-known joke is that it is as certain as death.  It's true, really - we can't escape them.  And, no one should ever try to evade them.  That only makes it all worse and can lead to prison.  But, taxes aren't evil.  They help pay for social services, education, roads, parks, age pensions, social security, healthcare, and schools.  And, that's good.  Most people just want to pay less.  So, what's the solution?  Effective Financial Planning.

Effective Financial Planning Can Minimise Taxes

Yes, effective financial planning can minimize the amount of taxes you pay.  A Financial Planning Expert can evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly.  *Some strategies may include:

•    Taking Advantage of Tax Offsets and Rebates:  if you are pension age (65 for men and 64 for women), you may be eligible for the Senior Australians Tax Offset (SATO), under which you can enjoy a higher tax-free threshold. If you retire under the applicable age, you might be able to benefit from either a lower income tax-free level or a lower income tax offset.

•    Start an Account-Based Pension:  when you start a pension from your super fund, subject to certain age restrictions, earnings and/or pensions may be tax-free.

•    Contemplate Selling Assets and Reassigning Profits to Superannuation:  liquidating your assets and shifting the proceeds to superannuation may reduce taxes and streamline estate-planning preparations. 

•    Consider a re-contribution plan:  a re-contribution plan could lessen taxes for beneficiaries after your death.  If you are retired and have reached preservation age (55-59), you can think about taking out a lump sum from your super fund and then re-contributing it as a non-concessional contribution.  Such contributions are tax-free for beneficiaries.

(*These strategies are mere suggestions that are extremely simplified and should be reviewed and confirmed with an experienced Financial Planning Expert).

Business Advisers
Business Advisers are highly qualified, skilled, professional Tax Agent Sydney.  They can navigate their way around taxes better than anyone else.  They have the highest qualifications, the most experienced professionals, and are familiar with all the necessary legal and financial rules that maximize effective Financial Planning.  It is Business Advisers mission to alleviate their clients from tax stress and pressure in a cost-effective manner.  It offers:

•    Highly skilled, expert Tax Auditors and Tax accountants. 

•    Top notch skills and adherence to the highest levels of accountability and distinction.

•    Proficiency in every aspect of finance and tax and, therefore, the most comprehensive advice.

•    More than a quarter century of experience, which includes the most up-to-date developments in finances and taxes?  They are, therefore, invested in you for the long haul.

•    Excellence in customer service. 

Business Advisers will assign to you a Personal Business Advisory Firm Parramatta as part of a total Financial Package that includes the highest quality, Licensed Financial Planners who hold the top ethical standards. 

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