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The male infertility is an issue which is mostly ignored and blamed on the woman till it is diagnosed. The issue of self-esteem and ignorance often leads to poor results. But the things change gradually and thus the issue of infertility has also foun

15th May., 2017- Hashmi Unani Pharmacy is a dynamic company dedicated to spreading herbal healing, the all holistic life science around the world. The company concentrates on advancing greater health through the integrity of nature. The company has assumed a pioneering part in re-making so as to set up the ancient learning by making people aware of herbal, the old Indian health care system and the magical properties of herbs.

The world has always been biased when it comes to comparison of male-female issues. While the male issues are not taken as important, the same female issues are elevated to the level of dignity, reliability and honesty. One such situation can be seen in the instance of infertility issue. The infertility in male has always been taken as the issue which should not be talked about. While on the other hand, if the issue is found in female, then she is taken as a threat to the league of family, cursed and loss to family, etc. Even the social structure is such that it favors the man and neglects the woman. Things change and so have the aspects related to male-female issues. Nowadays, there are lots of situations which have been given proper weight age on the basis of gender equality. The same way goes the issue of infertility in male.

The arrival of natural infertility treatment has encouraged men to take the right steps to cure the issue instead of putting blame on his partner. One such name that has changed the views that people has regarding the infertility issue is Babytone capsule. This capsule is made by the renowned manufacturer Hashmi pharmacy and is known for its powerful and result oriented herbal impact on the male infertility treatment. The medicine is made of pure natural and rare herbs to bring the most soothing impact on the sperms and improves the man`s conception power. This medicine has given the courage to people to come forward for infertility treatment in male. On the basis of this natural supplement, men also go for the diagnosis because they know that if there is a problem with their sperms, then it can be treated with Babytone capsule.


This medicine has changed the way people used to look at the infertility issue. Babytone capsule is formulated by Hashmi pharmacy on the basis of their ancient knowledge of natural medication, research and testing on the advanced equipment and well proven results. This medicine has brought ground changes in many couples life and made child play in their laps. The reason behind the success of this natural infertility treatment lies in its method of working. The medicine not only treats the abnormality of sperms but also treats the issue of penile area. Starting from the motility and conception power, the medicine goes on improving the performance of penis. The overall impact of the medicine helps in better sex experience and better sperm and semen amount in the vagina. This medicine is proven for its results and is certified with GMP and ISO certification.

We are the online platform for Hashmi pharmacy and provide the most relevant and authentic information regarding all the male-female s*exual issues. Our team of specialist work day and night to provide the free and reliable solutions for all the issues. Our efforts lie in the expansion of natural medicines and in spreading awareness to build a better tomorrow.

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May 15, 2017