John Szepietowski, Fundraiser And Supporter Of Charitable Causes

A dedicated and committed supporter of a range of charitable interests who has been working in the field of philanthropy

John Szepietowski is a fundraiser, awareness raiser and campaigner on a range of pertinent issues

John Szepietowski ( is a dedicated and committed supporter of a range of charitable interests who has been working in the field of philanthropy all his life. He draws on the skills and resources he has gained through his core career as a lawyer, property developer and investor to highlight causes that are dear to his and many others’ hearts. He uses his influence and contacts to fundraise, as well as devoting his personal time, to make others’ lives richer and safer.

The concept of ‘giving back to society’ by those more fortunate than the people they help is a familiar and well-established one. Most people give to charity in some shape or form throughout their lives, either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. To those who are suffering, whether through poverty, sickness or another form of distress, the actions of individuals like John are critical to making a positive difference to their lives.

As many people do, John Szepietowski supports causes that are of strong interest to him or have involved him personally. One of John’s prime concerns, for example, is supporting children with special needs, their parents and carers. He does this through facilitating access to networks that support and provide resources to parents to source the care and opportunities their children need.

As a dedicated dog owner and lover, John also invests time and money in an organisation he established to raise awareness of the growing menace of animal abuse. Dogs Are Loved helps support the RSPCA in its work by drawing the public’s attention to signs of neglect or cruelty to animals; and highlighting the best ways to report it to the relevant authorities.

Cancer is a growing ill in today’s world, with one in two of us estimated to suffer from this disease during our lifetimes. Szepietowski particularly understands the confusion and distress experienced by victims of cancer and their carers from the point of diagnosis. His favoured organisation, Cancer At Large, assists by providing signposting to quality information to help them cope at this difficult time.

John also promotes various other projects, including the fight against noise pollution and the protection and preservation of our architectural heritage.


About John Szepietowski:

John Szepietowski is a property developer and investor, and a lawyer who has practised in the UK for over 40 years. For many years now, he has also been giving back to his community, both locally and across the wider United Kingdom, by devoting his time, energy and resources to a range of charitable causes. It is estimated that he has been responsible for raising millions of pounds for the organisations he supports. Fuller details and an online form for submission if you wish to contact John personally can be found on his website at

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Mar 31, 2017