Kerb Sets Help Ensure The Dignity Of A Burial Site Is Preserved

UK Memorial Service create granite and memorial kerb sets for placement at burial sites across the nation

UK Memorial Service, one of the longest serving providers of headstones and other forms of memorial, has with concern noted the growing number of reports about burial sites being left unkempt and poorly maintained. Whilst there are certain reasons behind why this has come to be the case, none of them alter the fact that the bereaved wish to ensure that the final resting place of a lost loved one always looks perfect. The kerb sets which UK Memorial Service design and craft allow families to have the certainty of this being in place.

It has long since been a tradition to mark the final resting place of someone, whether in a church graveyard or in another form of formal burial ground, with a headstone. This has always been regarded as a having great value, as it serves to both reflect the life of the deceased and honour them with dignity. An unfortunate consequence of cases where grounds are not maintained as they should be is that this value is undermined by overgrowing grass and plants.

The commissioning and placement of a kerb set serves to, in many respects, address present and future concerns around the subject of burial grounds being maintained. Whilst kerb sets are predominantly associated with elevating the level of dignity and prominence associated with the placing of a memorial, they also serve a very important purpose. Kerb sets ensure that the final resting place is clearly visible and are not prone to being obscured or covered by grass or plant growth in the burial ground.

A general view of kerb sets has been that they are reserved to commemorate the life of certain people only as a result of the costs associated with their creation. Whilst it is true that they are more expensive than a headstone alone, UK Memorial Service are committed to making them as affordable and accessible as possible. Whilst the high standards of NAMM and BRAMM are always maintained, UK Memorial Service design and build granite kerb sets from £1,420 and marble kerb sets for just under £2,000.

UK Memorial Service are proud to offer one of the widest ranges of kerb set designs available across the nation today. Those who wish to arrange for the placement of a kerb set at a burial site can either view the range UK Memorial Service offer on their website or can request a complimentary brochure be sent. UK Memorial Service also welcomes enquiries at their premises, providing one to one service consultations.


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Jul 19, 2016