Latitude51 Solar Offers High Performance Solar Pool Heaters

Latitude51 Solar supplies top quality solar pool heaters at the best price across Canada, Caribbean and USA for both residential and commercial purposes.

Do you want to have the most out of your swimming pool? Using a high performance and well designed solar swimming pool heater will prove to be the best solution. If you want to buy a top quality solar swimming pool heater, then rely on Latitude51 Solar. They are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solar swimming pool heaters in the USA and Canada. The Latitude51 Solar always strives to provide you the best solar heating systems that will prove to be cost-effective.


By using their solar pool heating system, you can use your pool year-round. Compared to other heating systems, the well designed solar heating systems will offer minimal repair or maintenance, which assures of a low cost operational cost. Their solar pool heating system will prove to be an eco-friendly solution to increase your property’s value. You can consider buying their evacuated tube solar pool heating system that can produce vast amounts of heat. It is quite convenient to install their prepackaged solar pool heating system. You simply need some DIY skill or can rely on a plumbing contractor to enjoy a convenient and hassle free installation.


Their solar pool heating system will help you experience a reduction in heating costs and prevent any kind of carbon emission to the environment. By installing their evacuated tube solar pool heaters, you will enjoy free heat from the sun and will be able to extend your swimming season. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, their solar heaters will offer the best solution as per the requirement. Normally hot tubs or outdoor pools require a huge amount of heat to offer an optimal soaking or swimming experience. In this case, using their evacuated tube solar collector will prove to be worth , as this type of solar heating system can produce a huge amount of hot water in all climates.


A few lines from Latitude51 Solar,” Our solar pool heating systems are different from the regular, as it can maximize your pool season and reduce your energy bills. The evacuated tube solar pool heating systems available at Latitude51 Solar are good for indoor or outdoor pool use. Our solar heating system with evacuated tube solar collectors can produce the maximum amount of heat even on -40 Degree C, as it works on solar radiation, not only with just sunlight. Whether it is cloudy and cold, our solar heater can efficiently produce a good amount of heat for your outdoor pool, indoor pool or hot tub.”


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Latitude51 Solar is one of the leading and reputable supplier of solar eating and PV Systems that are distributed across USA, Canada and Caribbean. They sell the solar heating systems directly to homeowners or contractors across North America at an afford

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Dec 20, 2016