Lawn Mowing Guidelines For A Healthy Lawn

Lawn care experts like Fox Mowing will tell you to cut only a third of the grass blade at each mowing.

A lush green, well-manicured lawn is a beautiful sight. The vibrant appearance of your lawn depends on its health and your lawn health has everything to do with how you mow it. Most folks mow the lawn improperly which prevents healthy growth. The lawn looks dull because the grass is stressed and not growing well. Read on for lawn mowing guidelines to keep your lawn healthy.

Lawn care experts like Fox Mowing will tell you to cut only a third of the grass blade at each mowing. How often you mow depends on the grass growth. In spring you need to mow more often due to the quick growth. Timing is crucial when it comes to lawn mowing. Also, keep in mind that a lawn should not be mowed when it is wet.

A common mistake that many of us make is that we cut the lawn too short. Cutting grass too deep leaves it vulnerable and is an invitation for disease and weed growth. A taller lawn has deeper roots which is ideal to take up the nutrients in the soil. Lawns mowed at a higher height grow healthy and look good. They are free from diseases and prevent weed growth.

When you mow your lawn, do not clear away the clippings. Grass clippings will break down into a nitrogen rich organic fertiliser which is great to keep your lawn healthy. Besides, you are saving money on expensive lawn fertiliser and reducing your work of collecting the clippings and disposing them.

The most important lawn mowing guideline to follow is to keep the mower blade sharp. Sharp blades give a clean cut which is important for healthy growth. A dull blade will only shred the grass and damage it. This prevents healthy growth and gives your lawn a dull appearance.

Watering techniques do not strictly fall in the Lawn Mowing and Gardening Castle Hill guideline category, however since we are talking about achieving a healthy lawn, here is some useful advice. For your lawn to develop deep roots make sure that you water it deeply so that water percolates to at least about four inches down. The next round of watering can be done when the top surface dries out. This schedule would of course depend on your local weather and soil conditions as well as the type of grass.

Also, it is always better to use organic fertiliser rather than chemicals to stimulate lawn growth. Your local lawn care experts, that is, Fox Mowing can give you good advice on lawn mowing and fertilising. Visit for details, quotes and advice on lawn mowing. Not only that, Fox Mowing offers various Mowing and Gardening Services Bateau Bay as well including planting, pest control, fertilising, landscaping, cleaning services, etc.

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