London Property Market Forecast Favours Better Returns From Rental Agreements

Leading property experts Finefair believe purchasing properties with a view to rent them offers the greatest success in the capital city.

Finefair, the leading name in the property market in the capital city, believe that the circumstances are perfect for those looking to purchase London properties as an investment option. All of the available indicators reflect that both the purchase price of property in London is at an attractive level, and that the returns possible from guaranteed rental agreements are at one of the highest ever recorded levels.

So far in 2015 there has been a marked slow down in property prices across London. It is important to understand what the meaning of this is. Often investors can be caught out and read "slow down" as "falling", when this is not the case. London property prices are continuing to increase, but the month on month level of this increase has slowed down when compared to the last eighteen months. With no actual fall anticipated or expected, investing in property during this slower growth period is something of an ideal opportunity.

In taking advantage of the current property market conditions investors can gain access to the high growth levels being experienced in the rental market. Demand for rented property in London has sharply increased. Market forces have responded to this as one would expect, with rental fees in London accelerating at a considerable rate. Whilst the conclusion drawn from this - that now is the optimal time to buy and rent out property in London - is somewhat straightforward, knowing how to attain the best possible returns is not always so clear cut. Finefair are the name trusted to obtain this for their clients.

From representing the most preferentially priced properties in London through to offering the most owner benefiting services of guaranteed rent agreements, Finefair have come to be recognized as the capital city's leading name in the 21st Century. This status is underlined by their status as a preferred supplier of services with the major London Boroughs. Finefair was founded on the principle of delivering maximum service and return whilst keeping input from the property portfolio holder to a minimum. The track record of success they have established with this approach means the company manages and represents over £500million of London property at the present time.

Finefair know that the most important part of a professional approach to London property management is to always ensure the personal touch. Property portfolio holders - whether they bring to us one or several properties to manage - are always assigned a dedicated, expert account manager. The company are peerless in ensuring that all clients have a consummate professional at their call, ready to provide regular reports and provide answers to questions.

With "Buy To Let" investments remaining a preferential choice, securing expert advice and services in the London property market is the key to success. Experienced property portfolio owners and those new to the market regard Finefair as the best in the city to deliver this.

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Finefair are London's leading property management service providers. They offer all services, from arranging sales of property through to bespoke property management and prestige guaranteed rent agreements.

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Apr 02, 2015