London Property Prices And Rental Values Increased During August

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Finefair, the leading name for a comprehensive range of property services in London, has welcomed the latest positive figures to be released in respect of the market. Both rental income yields and property values have recorded increases over the course of August, representing excellent news for investors. Whilst the growth has taken those who were expecting a decline in the market by surprise, Finefair remained confident that demand levels would ensure success was sustained.

With respect to the rental market, the national property rental value average increased by around 3% during August 2016. This figure has been broadly welcomed by the market, although some recorded surprise. Certain analysts had predicted a decrease in values, doing soon the basis of a negative reaction being anticipated to events affecting the UK in June and July. Demand for rental property has remained high, and this has been the primary driving factor for the recorded increase.

The level of growth has been described as moderate. Whilst this is true, it is also positive news. The relatively low figure of growth is one which has been consistent over a significant month-to-month period. For Finefair, the indicator is that the market has settled into a perhaps natural pattern of sustainable growth. The security offered by the assurance of long term growth - even if at moderate levels - creates the perfect conditions for investors and property portfolio holders.

London property values have also experienced an increase. The property market survey figures from August 2016 indicated a surge in value within the areas of London just outside of the city centre. In certain areas - Waltham Forest in particular - the recorded increased reached as high as 20%. Finefair believe this substantial increase shows that demand for London property continues to grow and is unlikely to decline in the short or long term. The changing nature of which areas in London experience the highest demand levels reflects the continuing work in respect of factors such as upgrading commuter links.

All surveys and reports related to the London property market give every indication that a sustainable level of value growth has been achieved. Finefair have, for more than a decade, been the leading name trusted in the London property market to deliver the best results for owners and investors.

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Sep 15, 2016