Madame Madeline Shares Tips To Apply False Lashes Like A Pro

Madame Madeline, a top-rated source of eye lashes, discusses a few important tips to apply false lashes to your eyes to accentuate the volume & beauty of your natural lashes.

Madame Madeline is a premier go-to source for all things related to false eyelashes. It has a team with years of practice and experience that curates the industry and brings appropriate false lash products to bring fashion-forward enthusiasts the latest tools, trends and expert advice to help them achieve the style they've always dreamed of. The beauticians of Madame Madeline think that every girl doesn't need a cosmetology license to own beautiful flirty eyelashes. Applying lashes can be done with zero experience. Hence, a novice can apply them as well.


One of the false lashes experts of Madame Madeline shares a few important tips to apply false eyelashes like a makeup maven.


1. Bend Them: -


Generally, eyes have a curved shape. Hence, it only makes sense that the lashes should be curved as well. To achieve a curved shape, makeup specialist of Madame Madeline suggests to wrap the base of the lash around the finger and hold the curled lash like this for ten seconds and then release. After that, these lashes will have a perfect curve.


2. Buy Best Adhesive: -


Sometimes when adhesives dry, they will look completely white. Avoid getting those adhesives, instead choose a glue that dries clear. Many fashionistas prefer to use black false lash adhesive to blend in nicely with eyeliners.


3. Use Applicator: -


When applying false eyelashes, make sure that the applier doesn't have shakey hands. If he/she does, using a tool like a pair of tweezers or a lash applicator can be an ideal alternative.


4. Trim Lashes: -


Most of the time when buying false lashes, they are rarely the same length like the natural ones. A bit of trimming can be required to achieve natural look out of falsies.


5. Use Liner: -


Blending falsies to the lash line can be obtained with a bit use of eye liner. Always use a black liner along the lashline.


6. Apply Mascara Before Lashes: -


Everyone knows that when a primer before foundation is applied, it makes a lot easier to apply foundation. Likewise, when it comes to fake lashes, use mascara before applying falsies as it can offer an ideal base for lashes to go on.


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About Madame Madeline: -


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Jul 31, 2016