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Magical Duda Entertainment is the premier magic show company of Ontario

Magical Duda Entertainment is the premier magic show company of Ontario, Toronto, Simcoe Muskoka, and Barrie Ontario, and has been serving for more than 15 years. The company is a small squad of magicians dedicated to make your special occasion unforgettable. If you want to make the birthday of your child, anniversary, or any other occasion memorable, you can trust Magical Duda ( for great creativity and awesome performances.

The magicians, before finalizing the performances, work with the client to learn about their guests and their preferences. Whether you want the magical show for daycare, cocktail party, or dinner party, you can call the Magical Duda and sign up for any of their programs.

Platform magic

The platform magic show targets kids with 12 years of age and above. The magicians can handle any size of the audience from just a bunch of a dozen people to a wedding comprising 500+ guests. You can even sign up with Magical Duda for a corporate event to add a tangy twist to it. The illusions performed by the magicians are mind blowing with witty humour; your guests would be left amazed and disbelieved. You are sure to hear praises about the magic tricks for several weeks to come.

Practically, the magicians can read the minds of your guests and tell about what they were thinking. The Magical Duda magicians add a modern twist to the classic magic tricks as well as innovate some their own.

Comedy show for 30 minutes

The 30- minute show includes wide range of humorous tricks and amusing magic, with significant amount of participation from the audience. The show incorporates playing cards tricks, fruit tricks, and live production of animals that includes appearance of a bunny in the finale.

Comedy show for 45 minutes

This show includes audience participation in the magic shows, playing cards tricks, fruits tricks, production of two live animals.

Comedy show for 60 minutes

This show includes the production of a bunny and a dove as well as 50% more opportunities to participate with 50% more tricks.

Close up magic

The close up magic is a more intimate interaction between the guests and magicians. The magicians walk around the tables in the restaurant or event space from one group of your guests to the other while entertaining them with their magical performances.

These magical shows are good for weddings, fall fairs, corporate events, open houses, and festivals. People of all ages can enjoy the magic tricks by Magical Duda. The bunnies are also introduced in the events. They are trained to stay and sit in their hat, letting everyone greet and pet him. You can click memorable photos with the bunny with your kids and family. Having Magical Duda at your event is a great opportunity to make the moments fun for your guests.

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Magical Duda Entertainment is the premier magic show company of Ontario

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Jan 16, 2017