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I-Thrive is aware of the fact that growing a particular business can’t be done overnight as this process will require lots of effort and time.

I-Thrive ( aims to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. This company is known for the comprehensive programme they offer, The Small Business Multiplier, which could bring new skills and knowledge to various business owners and professionals.

I-Thrive is aware of the fact that growing a particular business can’t be done overnight as this process will require lots of effort and time. However, it’s not impossible to make a business successful if the owner is willing to learn and implement new business skills, techniques, and tools.

The I-Thrive team is committed to helping clients grow their businesses in the quickest and best way possible. Through The Small Business Multiplier programme that this company offers, one will be able to generate more sales regardless of the economic condition. This would certainly lead to a thriving and more profitable business.

For those who are interested, the course overview of The Small Business Multiplier programme is available on I-Thrive’s website - Its PDF version can be downloaded from the online site without any charge. This particular module gives a summary of the programme and explains how one’s business will benefit from it.  

Divided into 24 modules, The Small Business Multiplier programme has lots of new information to offer business owners and professionals. Upon enrolling in the said online course, students will learn about offline lead generation techniques, cost reduction, presentation secrets, public speaking, and numerous others. The best part is, students will also have the chance to speak with Les Bailey, the author of The Small Business Multiplier programme, regarding their plans for business growth.

Aside from such comprehensive programme offered at I-Thrive, this company also shares valuable insights and pieces of advice to all business owners. On the blog section of I-Thrive’s website, it’s easy to find useful tips on how to grow a business.

Staffed with a great team of people, I-Thrive stands by its mission to help entrepreneurs achieve the kind of success they deserve. According to this company, “The I-Thrive mission is to bring business skills and techniques to small business owners and professionals in an affordable way”.

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I-Thrive is committed to helping business owners become successful in today’s competitive market. Through the Small Business Multiplier programme, this company will be able to help clients acquire new skills and knowledge which they can use to improve the way they manage their business. If you’d like to know the great benefits that such course can offer you and your business, log on to I-Thrive’s website, For your written enquiries, you can just simply fill out their online contact form. To speak with one of their representatives, call 01223 967260.



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iThrive offers training and personal development for small business owners, particularly in the areas of sales, marketing, and small business growth.

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May 12, 2017