Male Pattern Baldness May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

The study in question involved more than 400 men who had no family history of prostate cancer, but were all suspected to have the disease.

Founder of the renowned Prostate Seed Institute talks about the potential link.

Irving, TX, – While family history, age and ethnicity have long been linked to an increased risk for prostate cancer, researchers believe another factor may exist. Several studies have found a possible connection between male pattern baldness and this form of cancer that affects more than 161,000 American men each year.

“While a definitive link has not yet been found, the body of evidence connecting these two conditions is growing,” says Dr. Gregory Echt, founder and lead surgeon at the Prostate Seed Institute. “One recent study also shed light on the potential for a connection between the severity of baldness and the aggressiveness of tumors found.”

The study in question involved more than 400 men who had no family history of prostate cancer, but were all suspected to have the disease. Researchers tracked men in the study based on biopsy results while also taking into account the presence or absence of male pattern baldness. Researchers ultimately found that men who suffered from hair loss were more likely to present with prostate cancer. Men whose hair loss was considered higher grade also demonstrated a higher risk for more aggressive cancers. The study tracks with the results of other similar research efforts.

Researchers have yet to delve fully into why the possible connection between baldness and prostate cancer may exist. They theorize that hormones associated with both male pattern baldness and prostate cancer may play a role.

“The jury remains out on this risk factor, but it is one for men to be mindful of,” says Dr. Echt. “While all men should consider routine screening for prostate cancer as they age, those with male pattern baldness may want to be sure to make it a priority.”

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer among American men after skin cancers. This disease is often highly treatable when detected in its early stages. To find out more about personal risks, consult with a healthcare provider.

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Aug 17, 2017