MemeSpeak Cloud to Mobile Speaking Avatar Creator for Mobile Messaging and Social Networks

MemeSpeak Cloud to Mobile Speaking Avatar Creator for Mobile Messaging and Social Networks

MemeSpeak Inc announces MemeSpeak™, a Cloud based web application for PCs and Mobile users that supports multiple language text inputs and natural language audio outputs in English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic and Czech.

The system can support hundreds of thousands of concurrent mobile or PC viewers or creators. Viewers do not need to be members of MemeSpeak™ to view the conversations on social networks or blogs. Any mobile platform with an internet browser can use the MemeSpeak™ system.

Globally, the website will appear in multiple Unicode-supported languages.

The system can be scaled and hosted on Cloud networks to support 100,000's of concurrent viewers.

The animations, created through text-to-speech on the MemeSpeak™ website allows users to create the animations and connect them through dynamic “learning” playlists of textual (and emotional) topics (which are automatically hash tagged) – then, they are distributed freely to existing social network Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, WeChat etc – only the textual links to the animations are distributed.

Some aspects of the system are filed for patenting. Due to these novel techniques Cloud operational costs per user/per month are extremely low.

About MemeSpeak Inc.

The MemeSpeak system works with PC browsers and mobile platforms (HTML5, Android, Windows, iPhone). It uses novel algorithms for animation creation, tts and multiuser support. MemeSpeak Inc products are available to service providers, entertainment broadcasters and corporations. is the website tool of MemeSpeak Inc.

MemeSpeak™ is a trademark owned by MemeSpeak Inc.

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Sep 24, 2015