Memphis Based Auto Group issues 15 percent Annualized ROI

GreatDay issues a new round of funding and publicly verifies its commitment to the Special Olympics.

GreatDay Auto Group, Inc, a Memphis, Tennessee, based Company, is proud to announce that its new round of capital funding has entered the private market. This round is projected to see an annualized ROI of 15%; including the fixed quarterly dividend. This round of funding is expected to launch the Company into the Retail Automotive Industry.

GreatDay is driven to supporting the Special Olympics. GreatDay’s corporate Charter as amended; section 12(c) This corporation will continually support through avenues such as, sponsorships, partnerships, donations, gifts, volunteering, mentoring, and/or other means to assist in bring moments of happiness to the athletics of the Special Olympics, their families, and the communities we serve. GreatDay will support the Special Olympics in every community that the corporation operates retail establishments. (i) This section 12(c) of this Charter is perpetual. (ii) This section 12(c) of this Charter may not be altered by the Board of Directors. To alter this section of the Charter the Board of Directors must call a Special Meeting of Shareholders to vote. The vote to alter this section of the charter must pass by a vote of 75% of the outstanding shares of the corporations capital stock entitled to vote, considered for this section 12(c) as one class.

GreatDay Auto Group, was founded to become an operating management company of New Vehicle Franchise Dealerships. GreatDay is focused around creating a Destination for consumers to purchase and service their vehicles while receiving Superior Customer Service.

Greatday Auto Group is seeking to launch into the retail market with 3 locations in western Tennessee by the close of the first quarter of 2015.


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GreatDay Auto Group, creating a destination for consumers to purchase and service through Superior Customer Service.

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Oct 02, 2014